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Used Dodge Intrepid Transmission

The Intrepid cars by Dodge used the 42LE automatic transmission. These were on sale starting in the 1993 year. The LH platform of vehicles will go down as one of the most successful for the Chrysler company. As a member of the Ultradrive family, the used Dodge Intrepid transmission that you can find here at PTG is price affordably.

History of the 42LE Gearbox

At the time the four-speed assemblies were upgraded, some vehicles were being tested with the 41TE tranny. These types represented a new wave of engineering before the close of the 20th century. The A604 provided the basis for the automatic 42LE transmission. Like most auto company products, a solenoid pressure switch and a TCM were installed for modern functionality.

Hydraulic controlled parts were still the norm inside the Intrepid. Even though some electronic modules were utilized, the two planetary gear system was in place. The casing is constructed from aluminum while a forged steel pan holds the Mopar ATF+4 oil. The input clutch is one of the special features of the longitudinal assemblies.

Since the Intrepid luxury automobiles were popular, all of the trim models received the same components. The used 42LE automatic transmission that is found here at Powertrain Guys fits nicely into the Base, R/T, SXT, SE, ES and Sport vehicles. Anyone with a basic aptitude for vehicle repairs can install one.

Second Hand 42LE Inventory

When searching around for a complete replacement, not all units will be the same. What is listed here is a good condition model that has the lowest mileage that we can acquire. The same elements might not be true with a different retailer. It is best as a consumer to review what is offered and always consider potential problems. Some owners of the four-gear assemblies in LH automobiles end up with bad clutch packs.

The constant rubbing of metal and lack of lubrication wears down the gears. The first thought is to replace the solenoid or clean the valve body. When these types of general repairs do not work, the most common cause of errors is in the clutch based assembly. PTG suppliers supply warranty coverage to assist buyers with a respected coverage term.

Instant Dodge Transmission Pricing

Looking up general price details is not hard to do on this page. If you already know the year and model of the vehicle, you are more than halfway through the quote request procedure. Prices are generated through e-mail or sometimes displayed on this site. You have the opportunity to compare and explore all that is provided.

A customer support agent is always willing to answer questions and provide further information by telephone. Paying the least amount you can pay for a preowned Chrysler transmission is a pretty smart move. Through regular service contacts and wholesale distributors, a fair discount is what is offered during the order processing stage. Even though the inventory comes from Dodge Intrepid junk yards, the condition is above average.