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Used Dodge Journey 2.4 Engine

The 2.4L engine used in the Dodge Journey vehicles is a piston type of block. The unit is a straight 4 design that takes the DOHC setup that was used in the Charger brand. With the introduction of the SMPFI fuel technology, the fuel economy was improved over the regular 2-liter series motors built by Chrysler. Some people search the web for a turbo edition of the Journey motor blocks. This type as well as the regular Dodge Journey 2.4 engine are always on sale here.

Starting in the 2007 year, Chrysler started using its co-branded subsidiary blocks inside of its late model vehicles. The GEMA company builds all of the Word Gas Engine designs that are provided in 2.7-liter or higher displacements. The aluminum exterior is one of the ways that heat is removed from the block. The multi-air system also provides more cooling to the 2.4.

Dodge Journey 2.4 Engine Specs

The 2.4 is one of the first all-piston motor blocks used inside of American based vehicles in the new millennium. There are 144 cubic inches found in the inline 4-cylinder versions. The compression is fixed at 10:5:1 and this did improve the Dodge Journey 2.4 MPG ratings. The cubic centimeter rating is 2360 cc.

It is well known that the horsepower has been something lacking on the Chrysler offered motors over the past decade. From the problems with the original 2.7 to other terminated blocks, the new editions 2.4L units have 173 horsepower. This allows Chrysler to use them across the Dodge and Jeep brands.

Like most recently built automotive parts, the straight 4-cylinder series includes variable valve timing. Honda first introduced this inside of its Civic and American automakers have started to incorporate their own versions. This technology is found on all of the GEMA built motor blocks from 2007 onwards.

Used Dodge Journey Engines for Sale

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