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Used Dodge Lancer 2.2L Engine

The Lancer from Dodge used the 2.2L engine from the 1985 until the 1989 year. Chrysler manufactured this motor as part of its straight 4-cylinder platform. This series of blocks were made out of a cast iron plate and were fitted with aluminum heads. The good news for people hoping to find a Dodge Lancer 2.2L engine is that these are in stock here on this website.

Production of the Lancer vehicle was silent after the year 1962 in the United States. Chrysler had already established its reputation as a 2-door hardtop vehicle producer. The unveiling of the standard and ES Turbo H body platform vehicles in the mid 1980s was promising for the Dodge brand. A 5-door hatchback was the only model produced until 1989.

Lancer 4-Cylinder 2.2 K Engine

In the early 1980s, Chrysler developed its K platform for its smaller vehicles. The sedan and minivan series used the 2.2-liter I4 editions that were built. The Lancer is one of the only vehicles that has compatibility with the 5-speed manual gearbox as well as the A413 3-speed. This is due partly to the FWD transverse mounted motor block.

The Dodge 2.2 engine specs include a 2,213 cubic centimeter block. This equates to a 135 cubic inch design. A person who will perform a Lancer engine swap will have variety in the used K motors to choose from. There are still dealers that are able to retail the mid-size builds that were popular before 1990. Starting research on this website can be helpful.

For the Dodge Lancer 1987, an ES model was introduced. This did include a turbo or a standard edition 2.2-liter block. This trend continued until the replacement of the hatchback design for smaller and performance Dodge motor vehicles. The Powertrain Guys company retails almost every variation of the I4 blocks.

Buy Dodge Lancer Engines for Sale

When shopping the web for a build in used condition, a lot of choices can come up. What is for sale here includes all second hand models of the early Lancer I4 engines. Some people do prefer to buy the Dodge 2.2 crate engine edition although these can be way more expensive. A budget-minded consumer can save cash when ordering a preowned model. The ordering system on this website takes care of all price quotations and shipment information.