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Used Dodge NV3500 Transmission for Sale

The NV3500 is a manual transmission used in Dodge vehicles. It was for sale between 1994 and 2004 in the United States. This assembly was not built by Chrysler. It was outsourced to the New Venture Gear company. Even though this is a stick-shift gearbox, it still has one overdrive gear. Using Powertrain Guys, you can get a used Dodge NV3500 transmission for sale at the lowest price imaginable.

Specs of the NV3500 Gearbox

The first year of installation was in 1994 in Dodge vehicles. This process did continue for about a decade. The final year that the five-speed was utilized was 2004. The housing is what is known as a two-piece assembly. It is not that easy to rebuild an NV3500 due to the way that the parts are installed inside. Many people opt for the preowned versions.

These assemblies were found in GM and inside of Jeep vehicles too. They are built strong and can withstand above average usage. Because there are no shift solenoids or other parts, these do not rely on electronics to function. This cuts down on the issues that can happen with a TCM or even a PCM computer.

Used NV3500 Transmission Facts

How many gears are in the New Venture Gear NV3500?

Answer: There are five gears total. The first gear ratio is 3.49 when used inside of smaller vehicles like pickup trucks.

What vehicles can use the NV3500?

Answer: The Dakota, Ram 1500 and Ram 2500 are just some of the automobiles that have had the NV series manual transmissions installed. The usage was pretty reliable.

How much does it weigh?

Answer: The unit, when filled with lubricant, weighs a little over one-hundred pounds. These are shipped of course without any fluid inside.

Does the tower shifter come installed?

Answer: Yes. There is a factory installed tower shifter that is standard in most manual gearboxes. No bolts are secured to the housing for easy disassembly.

What engines work with the used NV3500 transmission?

Answer: It is common for Chrysler to couple its 3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8 motors with a manual or automatic assembly. Each of these were built originally to accept either engine block.

What type of fluid does it take?

Answer: Inside of all service manuals, it is recommended to only use Mopar fluid to provide the right about of lubrication. Regular automotive oil does not have the right viscosity for use with delicate gears.

NV3500 Dodge Transmission Prices

PTG has its updated price data entered right in the quotes system. Use this fast and accurate computer right now. Most of the questions have been answered on this website by new buyers. If something is not, please call into our warehouse.

Our associates will speak with you in a friendly tone. No one wants to pay too high of a markup when ordering any used Dodge manual transmission. You can even use your iOS or Android device to get immediate sticker prices in our system.