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Dodge Ram 3.7L Engines Rebuilt for Sale

Ram 1500 trucks used the 3.7L engine block starting in 2002. This V6 unit is rebuilt at Powertrain Guys. The very first install was inside of the Jeep Liberty. Dodge quickly seized the SFI enabled for its light-duty truck series. While no longer officially in production, people buy Dodge Ram 3.7L engines on sale here every day.

Powertech EKG 6-Cylinder Specs

Just like late model Fiat-Chrysler builds, the 90-degree V6 is stable. People choose this 210 horsepower block because it is strong. The internal code name for this unit is Powertech. It is officially known as a pickup truck and SUV motor. The 226 cubic inch displacement means one big block.

The SOHC (single overhead cam) platform is well known. There are no less than three transmissions found attached to the 3.7-liter V6. A four-speed automatic, a five-speed manual and a six-speed manual have been used. Testing has confirmed our reconditioned 3.7L Dodge engine for sale works with these models.

We have a full database of option codes we use. These are cross-referenced in our warehouse. When someone wants a Ram crate engine, this is how we know what we have available. PTG has many junk yard owner friends where we find inventory to rebuild. It secures our reputation as a leading company in the auto parts rebuilding industry in the United States.

OEM Quality 3.7L Truck Motors

Packing a lot of horsepower into a block is what Dodge does. As a competitor to the Silverado and F150, the Ram pickup always has powerful motors installed. The era of power improvements continues with the FCA USA manufacturing. Every one of the 6-cylinder builds that we recondition and sell are top quality units.

The 3.7-liter build used to be the premier option until the launch of the Pentastar V6. We happen to retail each of these models for a fair and accurate price tag.

A buyer warranty is a must. No one can really trust what a retailer says it will do. Because we are rebuilders, we hand build our products. These might be second hand models, but we make them new again. The expert remanufacturing facility that we work under is equipped to Dodge specs.

Price to Swap a 3.7L Ram Block

To speed things up, we give out pricing electronically. This offers people who use smartphones, tablets and Internet PCs a faster discount. We use the most sophisticated warehouse tools to keep track of stock to sell. All MSRP discounts and incentives are processed through this system on our website.

We are known for customer service too. Placing a call into our service center is equally fast. One of our team members will discuss our rebuilt Dodge truck engines on sale. Things like mileage verification and exact warranty details are provided. No one leaves our company unhappy.