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Used Dodge Ram 5.2 Liter Engine

Ram pickup trucks used the 5.2L engine starting in the mid 1980s until the year 2001. Chrysler invested into its truck series by creating V8 motor blocks that could compete with existing Ford and Chevrolet options. The LA based 8-cylinder design was by far the most common editions featured in the entire production range of the Dodge Ram 5.2 liter engine. Using this Powertrain Guys resource, any person can be a used truck motor for sale.

There are 318 cubic inches that are offered in the regular series 5.2. From the 1981 to 1992 year, the Ram V8 was able to achieve 140 horsepower to 170 horsepower. This was the ultimate range of the LA blocks. Chrysler began working on its Magnum series for its truck development in the early 1990s to unveil a much larger block for the Ram nameplate. This include a new fuel injection system.

OEM Dodge Ram 5.2 Horsepower

When someone goes to buy a used engine, one of the first data types that are validated is the horsepower. It is essential that a person receive what was rated for Dodge trucks in terms of power. The 1992 to 2001 Ram models were rated at 230 horsepower. This was only achievable in the Magnum series. After the early 2000s, Chrysler switched its focus to the Powertech versions.

Knowing the Dodge Ram 5.2 horsepower is not enough to help someone buy a motor block. Making certain that the right options are available will ensure someone can have an easier installation. What is selling on this website is not a rebuilt or factory recondition unit. A person will find a used Dodge Ram 5.2 crate engine and nothing more.

To swap a 5.2 motor, it helps to plan ahead for what price increases might happen. Getting one or more quotes in price from a dealer will help. PowertrainGuys.com makes it affordable to buy a Dodge 5.2 Magnum engine for sale at just the right price. From regular owners of classic or late model trucks to a mechanic, there are zero restrictions for utilizing this web inventory.

Buy V8 Ram Truck Engines Online

A model year 1987, 1989, 1994, 1997 and 2001 are all included in the search tools on this page. This does not mean that years not mentioned are not able to be found. This is just a generalization of what inventory can be purchased. Almost every model year for an LA V8 or Magnum V8 can be located. Using the model year finder on this page, enter the correct year and the truck type.

An approximate price tag will be presented. What is featured in the sale price is the warranty and the freight charges. This all-in-one option to buy a used Ram truck engine is offered to all people. There are no gimmicks or hassles. This PTG portal is open 365 days a year to auto parts purchasers.