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Dodge Spirit 2.5 Liter Engine

The Spirit by Dodge used a 2.5 liter engine block like many K-Series cars. The base and LE trim versions marketed the four-cylinder motor from 1989 to 1991. While the fuel system is only a throttle body injection, plenty of people appreciate what these models can provide. Powertrain Guys has a Dodge Spirit 2.5 liter engine used here online.

Specs of the Dodge 2.5 Block

The very first unit that came off of a Chrysler production line was the 100 hp variant. This option was the only selection until 1990 when the 141 hp series was introduced for the Spirit. The 153 cubic inch displacement never changed during the manufacturing schedule.

While additional Mitsubishi engines were produced before 1995, most people who ordered a Spirit car received the original K-Series engine block. These units are heavily regarded a reliable I4 assemblies. It is hard to beat the fuel mileage although the horsepower is considered small when compared with late model standards.

A person can lift out the cast iron block with a regular puller. Mechanics who work on minivans and passenger cars regularly practice this technique. Because the weight is smaller than most V6 units, people prefer to fix up older Chrysler cars with 2.5 motors.

Parts Warranty for Motors

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Without paying anything extra, a consumer takes full advantage of our coverage plans. In a lot of cases, we do not have to process a claim for a warranty. We do not control the block mileage and we report what we find out from our suppliers. This is good to know before dropping a used 2.5 engine in your Dodge Spirit.

Prices for Used Dodge Engines

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