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Drive Shaft for Chevy S10

The stock drive shaft for the Chevy S10 is two pieces. This consists of the rear unit and the front portion. This type is prone to failure. People who own the compact pickup trucks know that rust can eat away the stability of the assembly. Powertrain Guys has a used drive shaft for Chevy S10 trucks always on sale here.

The universal joint can weaken on the underside of your pickup truck. This is the point where it will snap in half. There is nothing that can be done at that point except going ahead and swapping out the entire shaft. Few consumers have good luck when they go to a dealership and ask for an outdated component.

Aftermarket Shaft Versus OEM

There are companies that build aluminum rods that are now one piece. The concept of this is welcomed, but no one can predict the failure rate. It is true that aluminum is not as strong as the OEM metal alloy used by General Motors. The size of the shaft will not interrupt the rotation, but it is harder to judge what you receive for your money.

PTG has a direct pull out from a Chevrolet S10 in stock. These come to us from secondary market partners. This is just a fancy term for a junk yard. Anyone who plans to swap out the rear or the front shaft knows what a big job it can be. Having the correct tools on hand as well as a reliable part makes a huge difference.

Long-Term Drivetrain Warranty

Your transmission might be functioning well. Your rear axle is not giving you any problems right now. If your drive shaft is failing, you will end up paying a lot of money if it keeps breaking. We provide a warranty to all people who shop with us. This comes as part of our package of incentives for customers. We know that coverage needs to be extended past a regular point of sale period. We never charge extra money to initiate this consumer protection.

Prices for S10 Drive Shafts

We only retail used components for trucks. We do this because we get a much cheaper price. What we save goes right back into building a better parts inventory for the public. The actual savings customers receive are easy to view. We show you the MSRP as well as our calculated sale price.

We use a system for tabulating price quotes online. Enter this portal using any device. Input the model year of your Chevrolet S10. What you get in return is the ability to pay less for a change. If you want to order, we give you our phone number to call. It is really easy and is affordable to shop with a respected partner like PTG.