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Used Drive Shaft for Ford F150

Ford used two drive shaft versions for its F150 trucks. Depending on the wheel base and bed side, a single unit or u-joint conjoined rod is needed. The basis of replacing any undercarriage components will depend on the gearbox and motor size too. You can find just the front or just the rear using this website. Buy a used drive shaft for Ford F150 trucks here.

Why F150 Shafts Go Bad

The rotation of the shaft works together with the automatic transmission in Ford vehicles. The transfer case in the 4×4 vehicles is tied in too. Lubrication is something that will eventually dry up. A squeaking or thump sound is typically the first sign there is an issue. Some service shops actually charge money to just go in and put grease on the u-joint again.

This type of repair just masks the damage. In the end, there is little that can be done to save a failing assembly. The rear drive shaft must be replaced with a new one that is strong. You can even do the repair yourself if you jack up the vehicle. With a couple of wrenches and two hours of your time, you can complete an F150 shaft swap.

F-Series Shaft Sizes

The sizing is not uniform when it comes to a front or rear assembly. Even the yoke and u-joint are different. Some people measure incorrectly and end up ordering the wrong part. The listings given on this page reflect some of the common types that are in our warehouse. You can verify what you need just before checkout is finished.

Front: 41 inches
Rear: 45.5 inches

Front: 32 inches
Rear: 53.5 inches

Front: 39 inches
Rear: 56.5 inches

This list is not complete. It for example purposes only. There are way more sizes that what appear here. Before you make a mistake ordering a used Ford F150 drive shaft, let the PowertrainGuys.com specialists assist you.

Buy F150 Drive Shafts Online

Every consumer is faced with the same decision. You can depend on a truck parts store locally or find a specialty dealer. PTG was created to fill in the gap in many cities across the U.S. and Canada. Junk yards are a great source to find out of production components, but searching the inventory there is almost impossible. Our digital platform helps truck owners and auto mechanics to get inventory quickly.

You can get a quote in price straight from our computer system. The only pieces of data that this will require is the automatic or manual transmission type, motor type and your e-mail address. What we do next is process the information. A discount is applied straight to the MSRP. You are presented with the details. You can then decide if you want to order. Yes, this website is mobile-friendly.