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Drive Shaft for GMC Sierra

The Sierra and Silverado trucks by GMC use the same drive shaft. What changes is the size of the front and rear assembly. The transmission is always a factor when matching up the correct unit. There are aftermarket choices and then there are OEM choices. Powertrain Guys supplies a used Drive shaft for GMC Sierra trucks at a factory direct price. These are junk yard pullouts.

If you experience the dreaded clunk sound or vibration while driving, the one piece of both pieces of the shaft could be bad. The problems usually start when the u-joint loses its grease. Some dealerships that provide oil changes slap on some lube during a 30-point inspection. The real problem might be a lose bolt or yoke that causes the assembly to slip.

Front Shaft for GMC Trucks

Aluminum is the metal of choice for most drivetrain parts. It is meant to be strong, but it will not last forever. Bending or torquing does occur even if rust is not the central issue. The front shaft is connected at the joint to the rear shaft assembly on Sierra pickup trucks. The bolts must be secure although can be removed with a simple wrench. The 1999, 2003, 2007 and other model years are what people ask us about.

Through our secondary market warehouse, you can order an aluminum drive shaft for GMC Sierra here. What you are getting is a factory component. This was recently removed from a good running pickup. Vehicles that are wrecked or traded in serve as our primary source to acquire components for later sale to the public.

Sierra Rear Drive Shaft

The rear unit is just as important as the front. You would not get any power to the wheels of your truck without it. The vibration that you might feel is the rubbing of the metal against metal. The assembly can become warped and not rotate properly. You can remove the drive shaft from a GMC Sierra and do the replacement yourself.

All inventory comes with its own parts warranty after shipment. PTG inspects all of what is retailed to provide an extra assurance to the public. Folks in Canada and in the United States are our customer base. More than one type of used part is available for GM brand pickups.

Buy Used GMC Sierra Drive Shafts

The two sections that you need are here in stock. The half-ton and three-quarter ton components that are found here are in good shape. It is way cheaper to order something in preowned condition then to go into your local dealership. Because of order volume, we are able to continue lowering prices. It will be hard to beat what we can do for you.

Your price is represented in quote formation on this page. The truck parts locator that we built does not ask for your personal data. We need the size of your motor block. We then ask what transmission you have. Once we gather this, calculations begin for the discount. Please call us to finish the order once you receive your information.