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Eagle Talon Engines

Eagle Talon was designed from the partnership of Chrysler and Mitsubishi. The Diamond Star Motors group produced several cars. One of these was the Talon and it did well for the partnership. The Eagle brand is actually what was left from the AMC-Chrysler buyout. Eagle cars were known for their performance and a lot more for their power. You can install one of these 2.0L engines in almost any project car. We have these Eagle Talon engines for sale at cheap prices. We offer these cheap because most dealers refuse to do it.

You get a lot with these 2.0L engines. The first is that you get a base of 150 horsepower. This is more than enough for the average compact car. If you are building up a project car, you can modify these engines easily. You are not limited to what we give you in the initial crate design. Our engines are built perfectly and branded as you’d expect. These are not low quality rip offs like you might find on eBay. We’re a professional crate engine seller and we have accounts with every major automaker. We deliver the best OEM crate engines for sale.

Eagle Talon Crate Engines

There are plenty of Eagle Talon vehicles still in use. You could own one or be buying an engine for a customer. Since we sell to a variety of people, we don’t restrict who can and who cannot buy here. Everyone is welcome and this is perhaps just one reason we sell thousands of crate engines annually. The great thing is that each engine slips right into your vehicle. You won’t spend time finding someone to install your engine and then pay someone else to fix it when it won’t fit. We take extra care to get genuine engines that we guarantee fit excellently.

These DOHC engines are fuel injected. This means you won’t have to worry when you push the red line limit. The Talon engines we have were built for performance. The DSM partnership did produce a lot of these motors. We are fortunate to have the ability to work strictly with some of the best Eagle engine suppliers in the world. Our team does a fantastic job of finding, buying and readying these engines in our inventory. You don’t have to work hard to get engines fast. Our shipping team works safely but quickly. These professionals are the last link in the chain of our quality management. We don’t let any customer down and all of our engines include extensions of a warranty.

Eagle Talon Crate Engines Price Quote

Our team won’t let you down. Our work starts with a quote and does not finish until engines arrive to you. We’ll give out your Eagle Talon engine price over the phone. You review the information and call us back to order. If you want a more discrete method, just use our form for quotes on this page. Let us get you an Eagle engine for less.