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Ecotec LE5 Engine for Sale

The LE5 RPO code identifies the Ecotec 2.4 liter engine by GM. These were on sale throughout the 2000s in the USA. Even though brands like Pontiac are no longer in production, it does not mean that a replacement motor cannot be acquired. Powertrain Guys has an Ecotec LE5 engine for sale at a price lower than auction sites.

Generation II I4 Specs

The block was designed and built out of a cast iron material. To keep things moving forward, General Motors added the variable valve timing controls to the camshaft. The compression 10:4:1, but the horsepower is frequently maxed out at 177. Measurements of the block confirm that 145 cubic inches are available.

The displacement of this Gen II series is 2.4. The build schedule was 2006 to 2009. There were no less than 10 automobiles that marketed the LE5 nationwide. For the most part, the construction is solid and there were no factory recalls. This type of data is essential to a consumer who will order a used LE5 motor online.

Where to Install the 2.4 Liter

You have options for installing a preowned replacement that you find here or another place online. Top brands from Chevrolet, Pontiac and Saturn all showcased the performance of the LE5 Ecotec motor. If you are unsure of where you can install one, the list below will help you.

Powertrain Guys has confirmed that the blocks we retail here will fit the following cars:


Before ordering anywhere, checking the warranty plan is a great concept. You never want to be left out in the cold and paying for your own repairs. Everyone should benefit from a motor swap even if the product is used. There is a good useful life that occurs naturally with second hand components.

Prices for Used Ecotec Motors

From this portal, you have full pricing at your fingertips. You punch in the numbers that correspond to your vehicle and you are given a discount price. This is always much lower than the MSRP found at other retail locations. PTG takes care of its consumers. We give a warranty as well as work out deals for freight.

Our order department will gladly help you over the phone. Call us and let us know your vehicle data. We enter it all into our main computer. We are able to tell you the price, how long it takes to ship and some other useful specs. Get in touch with us now. Never order from any retail that does not give you a customer support number to call.