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EcoTec3 6.2L Engine

EcoTec3 auto engines are now built in 6.2L displacements. The OHV design was rolled over from the Vortec brand that was discontinued. GM kept the aluminum block and adding stronger heads to ensure that SUV or pickup truck vehicles could accept the Generation V builds. A new generation of small-block motors exists for the 21st century. Buying an EcoTec3 6.2L engine is easy here at PowertrainGuys.com

Late Model V8 L86 Motors

The Silverado and Sierra are generally the first two vehicle brands that get to experience new engine builds at GM. With the emergence of the 6.2-liter series, there have been no exceptions. The brand new trucks built after the year 2014 are now showcasing the 6000 RPM redline limit in the L86 block. This is quite a change compared to the 6.0 Vortec series.

The EcoTec3 build showcases its 376 cubic inch displacement in the V8 size. A compression ratio of 11:5:1 is one of the biggest in GM history. With a horsepower rating of 420 hp, the torque has been improved to match 450 pounds per foot. The delivery of fuel inside of the L86 block is now handled through sensors. The ACFM or active fuel management ports now feed the block.

The 6.2 small-block works well with the 6L80 gearboxes. These 6-speed units are built for SUVs and heavy-duty trucks that weigh up to 14,000 pounds. The strength of the new V8 builds is one of the reasons that GM switched to the better performing blocks.

Cheapest Chevy 6.2L Engine Prices

Few people can have the immediate financial resources to buy motor blocks that are not discounted. Retailers choose to markdown some of the prices for select brands based upon manufacturer price structuring. In the used engines business, there are fewer and fewer companies supporting a lesser price. The used condition EcoTec3 motors on sale at PTG are always priced lower as a thank you to purchasers who visit here.

The 6162cc V8 builds that are promoted for consumers to buy on this website are also warranted from damage. There is no secret that some people retail poor quality GM automobile engines. By placing a guarantee in writing, a person will feel completely comfortable while shopping the inventory in stock. Each warranty package is offered for no less than three years in length.

Buy Used 6.2-Liter EcoTec3 Engines

No one appreciates an MSRP price. What people do prefer though is instant savings. To find what current specials are promoted, input the SUV or truck model and year in the engine finder on this website. What will happen is a super fast calculation will take place. A person is presented with options to make a purchase. This includes providing a toll-free support number.