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Used Engine for 1996 Chevy Blazer

The Chevy Blazer used the regular 4.3 liter V6 engine in 1996. This was the base model package that consumers selected between at the time of purchase. The trim levels of LS and LT were available along with other ones. Buying parts on the secondary market can include a used engine for a 1996 Chevy Blazer. Powertrain Guys has these in stock.

4300 Vortec Specs

The Vortec block was actually created in 1985. It had been the primary motor of choice in Astro vans and light-duty trucks for a period of 10 years before it entered the Blazer. There are 262 cubic inches found on all variants of the 4.3 liter V6 engine.

The motor has the same 90-degree design as many others in the Vortec family. The RPO code that will identify this block is L35. The build was enhanced in the late 1990s with central port injection. This was an upgrade over the TBI design.

The compression ratio for the 4.3 engine used in Chevy Blazer SUVs is 9:2:1. The horsepower does cap out at about 180. Even though Chevrolet has discontinued all versions of the Blazer, you can still locate certified used inventory through PTG.

Reliable 6-Cylinder Blazer Motors

Test are the secret weapon that retailers depend on to certify inventory. Anyone can pull out a V6 block and put a price tag on it. Do you know that is runs good? The answer is no unless you perform professional testing. A compression test is the only way to prove that valves do not leak and specs are true to GM standards.

PowertrainGuys.com retails select drivetrain components. What someone will never find on this portal is an aftermarket product. We deal exclusively through junk yards and other outsources of vehicle parts. The price that we pay is about the same as what a regular consumer would pay. The discounts are equal.

Buy Used Blazer Engines

Get your hands on a used Vortec 4300 motor. This comes from our warehouse or through a partner facility. Whatever we do not have in our stock pile is bought and shipped through a scrap yard network. You always pay the same sale price. A quote tool exists here just for you to use. Our staff members are always available to speak with you over the phone. You can inquire about condition of the block, its mileage or something else on your mind.

Put in the 1996 year, transmission size and other options the tool asks of you. When you are finished, the price is displayed. A buy button is offered if you want to go through our e-commerce solution to complete your order. It cannot be simpler for a customer to use our company as an automotive components provider.