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Used Engine for 2004 Ford F150 Sale Price

The F150 from Ford used multiple engine blocks from 2004 forward. The 4.6L and 5.4L were the two prime units that were installed. While each of these V8 editions are solid, there can be a time when someone needs to find a replacement. Depending on the truck owner, a range of issues could be happening. To buy a used engine for 2004 Ford F150, look at pricing in our computer system.

Ford 4.6L and 5.4L Motor

The Triton single overhead cam and Modular versions are popular in F-Series trucks. Apart from the differences in displacement, the valve combinations are not the same. The 5.4 liter was the 3V version while the 4.6 liter had a 2V option. Each edition had an 8th digit VIN number that can be explored in our inventory here.

The horsepower in the F150 blocks also varied. The base rate in the smaller V8 was around 231 hp. This was improved in the SOHC larger model. The ability to reach 300 hp is something that was reserved for the Triton motors. Thankfully, these units can be ordered using this PTG website.

Swapping the 2004 F-Series Engine

Issues always seem to happen when something goes out of warranty protection. Ford dealerships have been known to provide repair work for owners of pickup trucks. There is not one single problem that has plagued the 8-cylinder engines for the F150. High mileage is not always what is wrong. Diagnostics need to be used to validate the problem.

A list of the reported problems for the 2004 models include:

1. Knocking of the engine
2. Complete motor failure
3. Defective cam phaser
4. Idling rough
5. Spark plug damage
6. Loss of cylinders

Problems that seem to happen out of nowhere were not limited to the base level trim. The Lariat, XLT and Lightning each had a series of issues. PowertrainGuys.com does not provide repair services for an F150 blown engine. It does, however, sell certified used products. These can be the replacement that a person searches for outside of his or her local market.

Buy Ford F150 Truck Motors

When a new engine is needed, the inventory that we supply will do the job. The mileage has been noted. This is relayed to anyone who ends up placing an order. We keep it as low as humanly possible. The best price is marketed here in a quote form. This is easy to get. Use our parts finder tool to start looking around right now. All discounts from the MSRP can still be acquired through a call to our company. Do not worry. We are friendly people.