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Engine for a 2006 Chevy Cobalt Second Hand

GM built its Cobalt under its Chevy division. It used a 2.2L engine for most of its short lifespan. This block was designated as a FWD build. It was installed in the sedan and coupe models. While 2010 was the year this motor vehicle was retired, inventory for parts is still around through select retailers. You can buy an engine for a 2006 Chevy Cobalt here online.

L61 2.2 Liter Motor

The RPO code to identify the motor used in Cobalt cars is L61. This was the first installation. The horsepower for this block was 145. It was the primary unit until a modified four-cylinder was introduced. The DOHC combined with the increased horsepower were two selling factors for the early editions of the Chevrolet Cobalt cars.

The secondary block that was available was known as the SS version. This was also an Ecotec edition, but it was a higher displacement of 2.4L. The RPO that was attached to this motor is LE5. It was only offered for one production year before it was taken out of the Cobalt. It was able to reach as much as 171 hp.

Swapping Cobalt Engines

There are quite a few reason that lead someone to take out a 2.2 liter or 2.4 liter motor. Chevrolet dealerships provide most of the warranty work for consumers. When a vehicle goes out of protection, the costs are then transferred to the car owner. This is when expenses can pile up easily. Even a local garage or mechanic service center is not too cheap.

Defects in the Cobalt sedan or coupe cars can include:

1. Dirty throttle body
2. Clogged fuel injectors
3. Defective ECM
4. Misfire of cylinders

A diagnostic service might identify the real problem going on. Depending on the quality of the OBD-II reader, more than one error code could be supplied. Engine loss of power is the most common. People who report stalling or cutting out of the motor while driving usually have this check light error.

The used Chevy Cobalt engines on sale through PTG have been checked for all known issues. A certification procedure has been conducted. This means that mileage counts have been taken. The underside of the block was inspected and passed. The hoses, valves and other exposed parts are considered to be in good condition.

Prices for 2006 Cobalt Engines

The 2004, 2005 and other model years exist in the warehouse of parts we have here. It is very possible to get the cheapest price any day of the week. This usually happens through use of the updated parts locator on this page. The most up-to-date price schedule including a review of the warranty is offered with this system. PowertrainGuys.com accepts phone orders and requests for a quote by calling the service department.