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Used Ford Escape V6 Engine

All Escape vehicles by Ford used a V6 engine block known as the Duratec 30. Sale options were spread across the entire fleet of SUVs starting with the first generation. The 3.0 liter is known for being strong and very reliable. While other automakers struggle to build quality equipment, a used Ford Escape V6 engine does hold its value. Inventory is always available to order here at PTG.

Specs for the 3.0

Production began in the year 1996 for the Duratec units. Ford Motor Company planned to use this series across its luxury and sport utility vehicles. While a change to the heads took place in 2001, none of the original parts were modified. The horsepower that someone can receive out of the 3.0 Escape motor is 200 hp to 240 hp.

A timing chain is one of the features on the standard V6. The Ecoboost platform is what eventually replaced this series, but it does not mean that one is inferior to the other. The 42-tooth sprocket system is one of the noticeable changes that were integrated during the manufacturing of the CD2 platform vehicles.

Even though the switch is under way to build more superior products, automotive excellence is earned through consumer satisfaction. Even the best vehicles from Mazda and Mercury have utilized the very V6 inventory featured in the Generation I and II Escape.

OEM Parts Warranty

Going to a local dealership for service for an older vehicle is quite an expensive task. Even though millions of parts are available, there is typically no discount on the purchase price of any original component. If the owner of a vehicle does not have a warranty, a salvage 3.0 engine is likely the best case scenario to reduce to cost of a motor swap.

PowertrainGuys.com is more than just a national resource center to find transmissions, drive train, transfer cases and other components. There is a warranty plan supplied that covers a vast majority of parts that are found on the DOHC 3.0 Duratec blocks. It is from this coverage that a person will receive replacement options if a repair is required.

Buy Engines for Ford Escape

Locating a good condition 3.0L block with low mileage is what we help people to accomplish. Through a low price structure, dealers that fulfill orders placed by consumers handle all support services. The MSRP might go up or down depending on the scarcity of the inventory although all quotes for used motors on this page are correct.

The surface rust checks, cleanings and safe freight forwarding that people receive upon ordering products through this resource are unlike most salvage dealers. Making it easy and fearless to find and acquire a preowned Duratec 30 motor is what we do. The number we offer for support solutions is always available to call in the United States.