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Ford 2.7 Ecoboost Used Engine

Ford debuted its 2.7 liter Ecoboost V6 motor in the year 2014. This was used in the F-Series pickup. This block is built in the United States in the state of Ohio. Some people are already referring to this build as the new Lima motor. Advancements are continuing in domestic factories to put the all-new V6 over the top. You can buy a Ford 2.7 Ecoboost used engine right from Powertrain Guys online.

Specs for 2.7 Liter Ecoboost V6

Similar to what a diesel has inside, a high pressure fuel system is now part of the Ecoboost lineup. The same 60-degree design was kept although the block materials changed. Ford Motor Company is now utilized compact graphic iron or (CGI) in its motors. This is much stronger although it weighs less.

You can expect 325 horsepower in the stock version of the 2.7. The compression did not change much from the 3.5 variant. The 10:0:1 is still an excellent ratio. The very top end of the horsepower spectrum is 5750 RPM. The aluminum cylinder heads and manifold are lightweight but do not overheat.

Two turbochargers are found in the DOHC version of the Ecoboost 2.7 engine. This enables the F-Series trucks to achieve a zero to 60 performance time in under 5.7 seconds. The only downside you might find is that fuel economy is only 16 MPG on average.

Reliable Ecoboost Engine Blocks

How reliable is the 2.7? All of the reviews that people have given in the USA for this block have been positive. It is noticeably smaller in size, but not in power over the other variants of the Ecoboost versions. The fuel economy is on par with automotive industry estimates. The quality of a junk yard 2.7 can be called into question by some people.

PTG uses salvage industry companies to find top condition Ford truck motor blocks. A warranty coverage plan is what protects things like the OEM parts from going bad too quickly. No policy is 100 percent though. In the best estimate, it is buyer beware shopping at unknown companies.

Buy Used 2.7 F150 Engines

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