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3.0 Ford Duratec Engine for Sale

Ford created its Duratec V6 engine in 3.0 displacement starting in the late 1990s. The discontinuance of classic blocks left the sedan and coupe vehicles without a go-to motor. Because horsepower ratings need to be higher in a 6-cylinder, Ford Motor Company went to work and produced its 3.0 edition. Someone who will buy a used Ford 3.0 Duratec engine on this website will always save money.

Just like the Essex before it, the 3.0 was a dual overhead cam build. The compression ratio is exactly the same as the 2.0 Duratec built in 2001. The 10:0:1 system fit nicely with the Sable and Taurus. While the Duratec 30 has not been used since the 2012 production year, these units can still be found through second hand retailers like this PowertrainGuys.com website.

SE, ST and VVT 3.0 V6 Engines

Ford loves to create new trim levels and give a boost to every upgraded vehicle. Between 2006 and 2009, the 3.0 was still in its first generation of production. The Escape, Tribute and Five Hundred all performed well with the base 226 horsepower edition. The use of variable valve timing systems were added after 2006. This did produce even more horsepower in the separate models.

The second generation 3.0 V6 Ford engines were produced only for 2 years in the USA. Because of the Ecoboost platform, Ford decided to scale back production on the 3.0-liter series. Because consumers did directly benefit from a 4% gas mileage increase, no additional Duratec blocks were built after the year 2012. The good news for someone shopping around online is that there are dealers that carry all 3.0 blocks.

Buying 3.0 Duratec: What to Know

A similar problem with the Duratec 20 was found in the 3.0 blocks. Issues with the air intake system did cause some problems with the build up of condensation. Some older blocks did experience a problem with the SFI injection system. Shorted out wires or bad fuel pumps were common on Duratec blocks. The idle air control valve could fail or become clogged when not serviced regularly.

A person who will buy a preowned Ford Duratec engine should know the past faults of the block. To prevent the named issues, choosing a dealer providing a respected warranty plan is always best. What the Powertrain Guys offer is a cheaper priced motor that already comes with its own warranty contract.

Discounted V6 3.0-Liter Ford Engines

Paying the lesser price between MSRP and a lower price is what many people prefer. To establish a good price point, it takes better than average inventory and faster methods of shipping. Every motor block in a Duratec build found here is priced affordably for any budget.

A person can use the instant finder to locate a web price or call the toll-free support line for help. Use of this website is bound to save someone time as well as cash.