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Ford 4.0 V6 for Sale Cologne or SOHC

The 4.0L was built for Ford vehicles. This engine has two variants. The original Cologne version and a single overhead cam edition. People who buy junk yard auto parts can find these two units on sale at Powertrain Guys. A used Ford 4.0 V6 for sale is always ready to ship.

Pushrod Ford Engines

The Cologne base was used inside of the Ranger, Explorer, B Series trucks and the Aerostar vans. This 245 CID block was slightly redesigned in the year 1997. This is when the SOHC was added. There are separate camshafts on each head on the newer units.

Between 155 hp and 205 hp is what a person should expect when buying a used Ford 4.0 motor online. The thing that varies the most is the total mileage. Only owners of vehicles could control how much mileage made it onto the engine.

SOHC 4.0 Motors in Stock

The Mountaineer, Mustang, Land Rover and Ranger all promoted the power of the modified V6 at Ford Motor Company. Timing chains do provide the source of power between every cam. There were hundreds of thousands of new 4.0 Ford motors built up to the 2010 year.

One popular upgrade that a person can accomplish is adding a turbo to the base V6 build. Aftermarket companies produce components that can help achieve even more horsepower out of the basic block. People who like to fix up vehicles by adding extra parts do appreciate these changes.

Warranties for 4.0L Blocks

It is a safe bet to get a coverage package with any used auto engine. PTG takes care of its customers. Salvage companies and other companies that we deal with protect their inventory. A long and in-depth inspection helps accurately describe stock on sale here. When it is possible, we do calculate the mileage.

A plan for coverage is given to all people who buy here online. This comes at zero cost to consumers. Someone who wants to extend the initial policies can do so after expiration.

Buy Used 4.0L Engines from Ford

Price details are easy to come by when visiting PTG. We use a two-tier service for helping people estimate costs. The first is to use our web formatted tool. Specific details like VIN and ID stamps can be cross referenced. This makes sure someone gets the right motor.

A call by phone offline into our service center is another way to order or ask us anything. We have a dedicated team that is professional and knowledgeable. In most cases, we can beat any other advertised price for our comparable inventory here.