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Used Ford Aerostar Transmission

The Aerostar was a popular Ford minivan that used several transmissions. Replacement models for these units can be ordered at Powertrain Guys. The assemblies were all designed for use in the I4 and six-cylinder engine platforms. While several trim models of the minivan were made, each housed different components inside. Buy a used Ford Aerostar transmission without issues here.

Types of Aerostar Gearboxes

There are four-speed and some five-speed assemblies found across Ford minivans. One thing that did not happen during production was rehashing of the same shifting type. Consistent development of components was given to improve operation for consumers. Through the 1985 to the 1997 year, options for several gearboxes existed.

The most popular editions in the Aerostar includes:

– TK5
– M5OD
– A4LD
– 4R44E
– 4R55E
– 5R55E

The use of these editions were spread out between the XL Sport, Eddie Bauer and XLT packages. Some of the builds were Mazda designed while others were short-lived partnerships with parts manufacturers. Ford later decided on improving its assemblies in-house.

Replace Your Ford Transmission

A swap to one that looks better and performs better is a good goal. The condition is something to keep in mind when surveying retail outlets on the web. The products that people observe on this website are straight out of Ford scrap yards. The pullouts happen during supervised operations to guarantee quality standards.

Trouble with downshifting in a manual assembly is one problem. Any automatic unit can overheat if there is not enough fluid inside. The gears can twisted or contorted. While the housing and clutches might be strong, nothing is safe from unexpected failures.

Used Gearbox Warranties

Factory built units or ones that are rebuilt are expected to last longer. For the second hand builds found here, an approved warranty plan usually seals the deal. A person who has an Aerostar van that is not running will appreciate such coverage. While the term will fluctuate, there is nothing quite like dropping parts in and having no trouble.

Transmission for Ford Aerostar

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