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Used Ford AOD Transmission for Sale

The AOD is one of the overdrive transmissions used by Ford. It was developed in 1980 although was revamped with electronics in 1992. It has been the primary gearbox in thousands of automobiles and trucks. Its use with V6 and V8 engines has helped it to achieve international fame. Powertrain Guys has its used Ford AOD transmission for sale ready to ship in North America. Pay less here.

History of the Automatic Overdrive

Getting away from the Select-O-Matic builds was the focus of the 1975 and up mentality at Ford. A new and much better manufactured assembly was needed. The C3 and C4 had both worn out their welcome in the automotive community. Expanding the automatic shift was the next phase of engineering.

The specs are easy to understand. Just one overdrive gear and three standard ones. The reverse gear is not included in count. The usage of hydraulic fluid was still going strong when the AOD gearbox from Ford was designed. Things are different now that electronic controls are in units like the AODE.

AOD Ford Transmission Swap

Shop mechanics know what is involved in changing out a four-speed automatic. The procedure is relatively routine, and there are consumers who do it too. Since there is no competitor assembly, people either buy rebuilt or they buy used. PTG has the finest condition preowned models to choose between. The tag ID is still on there.

Rust and bad gears are the two things that degrade the exterior condition of a unit. There are only a few trusted techniques to utilize when cleaning the housing. Since what is for sale here comes out of a junk yard, tabulating mileage is very important. People want to know where the build has been installed before and if it still works.

Ford AOD Transmission Price

The rule to follow is to never pay too much. The MSRP is virtually higher at one place and a bit lower at another. Salvage components do hold up if these are acquired quickly. PTG uses its internal buying team to scout the products that people will appreciate. This does keep the pricing low. There is a computer on this page that does all of our pricing. People who use iOS or Android phones can also use it.

There is a portion of the public who likes to call to get assistance. This is OK too. Only a qualified rep that knows about Ford transmission assemblies will answer the phone. Things move fast when all involved are professional. The warranty terms, any shipping charges and delivery times can be explored. Stop paying too much on the web for inferior automotive parts.