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Used Ford AWF21 Transmission

Aisin built the TF-81SC for use in Ford automobiles in 2005. The renamed AWF21 is a 6-speed transmission. This unit is a transverse mounted type. While these were constructed in Japan, they have become popular in more than one motor vehicle. Powertrain Guys helps people find used Ford AWF21 transmission assemblies at an honest price here.

Maintenance-Free 6-Speed

Ford claims that no maintenance is required during ownership of the AWF21. Many rebuilders and mechanics differ with this opinion. Dirt and debris could still enter the chamber and damage delicate components. It is a wise decision to replace fluid at around a 20,000-mile mark. This keeps all gears properly lubricated during operation.

The specs of the AWF series gearboxes are hard to find. Ford has published some service manuals although these are not available to the average person. There are five planetary gears along with two different brakes in the 6-speed versions. In the United States, the Fusion and Five Hundred were the test vehicles at Ford.

The MKZ from Lincoln and Milan from Mercury were to other installations. There are three clutches the AWF21 transmissions. These are allocated to each of the drive modes. Someone who intends to run a diagnostic test, must be sure to use an updated scan tool. The TCM is a newer module, and it cannot be detected by regular ODB-II scanners.

Warranty for Used 6-Speed Assemblies

From the factory, most warranty periods are based on actual mileage. The range of 36,000 to 48,000 miles is pretty common. Someone Just getting started in the secondary automobile components industry can be taken back a little by shorter warranty policies. The average junkyard supplies only a 90-day policy in most cases.

People who shop on this PTG website are treated more than fairly. The term of parts protection is always extended compared to regular scrap yards. While installation of a new part is generally not covered, the actual part needing replaced will be. This more than satisfies the regular person swaps out a defective AWF21 gearbox.

Prices for Used Ford Automatic Transmissions

There are different strategies for locating current pricing on this page. The first and easiest is to enter the price database tool. This is an amazing application available to smartphone users as well as regular Internet connected users. Hundreds of different automatic and manual assemblies are priced using a real time procedure.

The second and equally easy method of contact is by phone. More than one parts expert answers calls here. These people are passionate about used motor vehicle accessories. Locating the cheapest gearbox is not always possible, but these individuals try hard. Never pay high eBay or Craigslist price for a replacement TF-81SC assembly again.