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Ford C Max 2.0 Engine for Sale Used

The C Max is a Ford hybrid automobile using a 2.0 liter Atkinson-Cycle I4 engine. Sale in the United States begin in the late 2000s. The Energi, SE and SEL are some of the trim options that consumers receive upon purchase of the MPV vehicle class. PTG helps consumers to find and order a Ford C Max 2.0 engine for a sale price online.

2.0 Liter Hybrid Specs

The goal of all hybrid vehicles is to provide cleaner fuel options for vehicle owners. The Atkinson four-cylinder block is used not only inside the C Max, but inside of the Fusion as well. The 12:3:1 compression ratio is quite large for the compact class of motor vehicles. 42 miles per gallon is what the official rating is for a good condition I4.

Ford, like many automakers, is moving away from manual transmissions and focusing on the gearboxes of the future. The CVT (constantly variable transmission) that hooks up to the 2.0L I4 motor is electronically controlled. This option was found to improve the fuel economy. A battery pack made of lithium ion is what optionally powers the block.

A permanent magnet system is the heart and soul of the four-cylinder base. Since running on electricity is available, a constant charge is needed to ensure the batteries will not fail when switched on. The multi-purpose vehicle class has been a success at Ford using these technologies.

Second Hand Motor Warranties

All of what a person can review and potentially order from a supplier through this portal is used condition. The mixture of external checks of the block mixed with actual testing of the components is what maintains the level of quality customers expect. Everyone has the ability to purchase at a junk yard, but validating quality is not so simple.

PTG only uses suppliers that agree to offer a basic warranty plan. This does give the average person a little bit more quality assurance. When a part is agreed to be repaired if it fails, it makes the purchase price of a replacement C Max car engine a better deal. Zero additional costs are added to the final selling price to cover such a warranty plan.

What some people might not know is that there is a top speed limit on a hybrid engine block. The range is between 62 miles per hour and 85 miles per hour. Exceeding these maximums is how someone can avoid a breakdown of a preowned motor.

Buy Used Ford C Max Engines

The reliable torque and mile-by-mile dependability are just two things that a person receives when changing out a defective engine. Coupling this value with the warranty plan and prompt freight delivery, the deal gets even sweeter. An automotive mechanic, owner of a body shop or the driver of a vehicle can find pricing for all units on this website.

Quotes for the sticker price are what are distributed here. Using the computer tools, add in the model year and type of gearbox that relate to the block you seek to buy. The inputted data is analyzed and a product discount is then offered. Answers to any question someone would have are acquired by regular telephone calls to customer support.