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Ford Escort F4EAT Transmission

A change to Escort transmissions in 1990 introduced the F4EAT to the auto industry. The outdated MTX and ATX gearboxes used for a decade at Ford were upgraded to feature a smoother shift that was accomplished through electronic pulses. The automatic gearbox has been a faithful component inside all Ford vehicles in the past several decades. A person can buy a Ford Escort F4EAT transmission at a low price point using this resource.

Hydraulic technology was all but abandoned at Ford once the 1980s rolled into the 1990s. While there was less emphasis placed on the manual gearbox, Ford knew that the future of the Escort would not be complete without a better shift module. By taking advantage of agreements with Mazda, production was started on the F4EAT during the 1991 year for Escort transmissions.

4-Speed Escort Transverse Gearboxes

There are many differences between the late model 4-speed units and the early MTX models used in the Escort two-door and five-door versions. With the invention of the overdrive system, Ford starting installing an overdrive gear inside of all post 1990 gearboxes. This means that the gear ratio for the Escort assembly is 2.80, 1.54, 1.00, 0.70 and a 2.33 for reverse.

Like Chevrolet automatic transmissions, Ford uses a lockup torque converter that is electronically manipulated. Computer controlled modules are featured in the F4EAT automatic builds. A sensor to detect changes in speed was added for use in the Escort, ZX2 and other smaller 4-speed motor enabled vehicles.

The LX, Pony and GT all have the automatic F4EAT gearbox inside. A person who will buy a replacement assembly can still find a preowned unit through some retailers like PowertrainGuys.com. When shopping around for pricing and warranty terms, there are some things that can be helpful for a person to know.

Buying Escort Transmissions: What to Know

The F4EAT is designed to work with the Mazda and Ford engines produced between 1990 and 1996. The CVH 1.9 was the motor of choice for the electronic powered gearboxes Ford produced. The wagon and sedan series were different chassis styles although still had the automatic units installed. There is a separate Mazda F-series gearbox found in vehicles with the 1.9 motor. This is the manual transmission version instead of the 4FEAT.

Prices for Used 4-Speed Escort Transmissions

Dealership prices compared to a secondary source will most likely be different. The F4EAT was discontinued in the 2005 model year. This means that is a dealership still sells new old stock versions that a warranty will not be provided. A better way to purchase exists right on this website.

All preowned builds in stock are shipped out with a multiple year warranty plan. An affordable price tag is also coupled with the free shipping policy offered to every American car parts buyer here.