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Ford Escort ZX2 Transmission for Sale

The ZX2 by Ford was an Escort car that used a four-speed transmission. It debuted for sale in the middle of the 1998 year. It was one alternative to the Focus that was making its name in the European market. Public demand was established quickly. Although this vehicle has ceased production, PTG has a Ford Escort ZX2 transmission for sale online.

Specs of the ZX2 Gearbox

Only the four-speed F4EAT was electronically controlled. A shift solenoid package was applied during the manufacturing. These were originally designed and marketed nationally by Mazda. As the replacement for the Probe, the ZX2 was rebranded through the 2003 year without the Escort moniker.

For people who preferred hands-on shifting, the G5M was the optional 5-speed edition. These do not feature the same electronic parts inside. The hydraulic clutch system and springs are the things that can go wrong with this assembly. The removal of the housing from a working car is probably the hardest part.

Ford Escort ZX2 Automatic Transmission

Replacing this assembly can happen with the Powertrain Guys inventory. Problems can come about if someone is not experienced though. To avoid mistakes, what we provide is a direct shipment straight to a mechanic. It is sometimes easier to let these professionals tackle the insertion of a replacement ZX2 gearbox assembly.

The quality of the construction is what matters when buying preowned. There will always be some surface rust that cannot be taken off. The best steam cleaning in the world cannot get rid of this deterioration. Buyers should note this before following through with an order. Through a salvage and restoration procedure, we have our pick when it comes to helping someone swap out a defective transmission.

Ford Auto Parts Warranty

The period for warranty coverage is usually lapsed for an assembly that is older than three or four years. Since most of what can be ordered is a nearly two decades old, a special policy is in place for components protection. Our terms can be reviewed before a car owner or shop owner gets ready to order.

Escort ZX2 Transmission Cost

Some people do an overhaul of the Zetec engine as well as other parts. Most of what is listed as on sale through PTG includes major automaker companies. Everything is OEM. The replacement cost depends on what part of the USA a unit gets shipped to. The freight fees can be determined by mileage. The parts finder located for consumers to use here will display all current price details.

Few companies can beat our customer service. We answer all calls very quickly. No one is kept on the phone too long. Each one of our experts knows exactly what someone needs when he or she calls. A couple of keystrokes using our central warehouse computer is all it takes to verbally present a sale price.