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Used Ford F150 4.6L Engine

Ford used its 4.6L engine inside of its F150 for the first time in 1997. After years of success with its Lincoln cars, the time came rapidly to upgrade the 4.2 series in the Ford lineup. The early editions and the late model versions of the Triton motors are all preferred by most mechanics and truck owners. A person has the opportunity to buy Ford F150 4.6L engine inventory for a cheap price here online.

4.6L Triton Engine History

While it was known as the Intech, Ford changed the name to Triton in the mid 1990s. The 4.6 is a V8 block that was first rated as a 220 horsepower build. The most recent version produced in 2010 was a 248 horsepower version. There is a redline limit of 4750 for most variants of the Triton V8 for the F150. While long block motors are dipping in popularity, getting a hold of a replacement is still a necessity for current truck owners.

The compression ratio has never changed in the 4.6 truck version. The 9:4:1 ratio is part of what makes the Modular design popular. The XLT, Lightning and special edition Ford trucks might not have been as popular without the V8 brand. The 4.6L truck engine was built for use with synthetic oil and standard 5W20. This allows high mileage to not seriously affect the block.

While the 4.6-liter edition of the F-Series Triton was discontinued in 2010, there is still quite a public demand. Ask any truck owner if he or she prefers the Modular over the 6.2 and the answer is likely to be yes. The overhead cam shaft build mixed with the 281 cubic inch displacement is what made the Triton-InTech builds famous.

F150 Modular Engines with Warranties

The two and three-valve V8 is a strong motor. The OHC single overhead cam platform was a winner at Ford Motor Company for decades. While the blocks are very strong, a person might have a problem now and then with a high mileage edition. When discovering inventory from used motor sellers, an evaluation of the block is not always available. A person can only take the word of a seller when judging the quality.

Powertrain Guys is one of the U.S. resources to buy warranted used Ford truck motors on the web. The standard coverage in the motor industry is only 90 days after purchase. This is not really enough time to get the most out of a 4.6-liter edition. Owners of body shops, certified installers and actual users of the F150 truck deserve a better time period to test out a motor.

Buy F150 V8 4.6-Liter Motors On Sale

A warranty is always free on this website. The shipping charges are usually free too. A super simple to understand sales policy is offered to visitors who will buy here. Quotes are prepared based on the VIN number, year of motor build and the mileage that is on every block. This makes it easy to order used truck engines.