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Ford Ranger 4.0 Engine for Sale

Ranger trucks used the 4.0L OHV engine for the first time in the year 1990. Ford made the switch from the 2.9L as a way to bring a new V6 into the mix. There was actually more than one block utilized in the 1990 to 2005 pickup. All versions of the Ford Ranger 4.0 engine for sale are listed on this website. This makes it simple for anyone to find good inventory.

Overhead Valve Versus SOHC

The Cologne block was the primary motor in Ranger trucks. This lated for about a decade. Once the decision was made to replace the older 4.0, a newer single overhead cam was built. This is the same assembly that Ford Motor Company ended up using in the Explorer.

Each edition has a 245 cubic inch displacement. What is the most different is the horsepower. The 1986 to 1997 manufactured units had around 160 hp as the top speed. When the redesign was completed, the performance was expanded to 205 hp.

Salvage 4.0 Ranger Motors

The compression on each block remains at 9:0:1. This is one variant that did not change. The torque was about the same. There are two primary VIN numbers that classify which version someone can buy. The VIN X is the OHV and the VIN E is the late model build. PowertrainGuys.com has complete blocks in stock.

Where we find used Ford motors makes a difference. It is just too easy to locate a non-operational truck engine. Through salvage and other secondary dealers, we examine inventory that can be purchased to suit the needs of our client base.

Cheap Ford Ranger Motor Swap

Sticking with a preowned unit is always best. The price is about half the cost of a remanufactured 4.0 engine. Some people do like to pay extra just to get brand new parts though. It is common for mechanics and people who rebuild vehicles to go with a second hand edition because of the lower price tag. It is not hard to swap a block for well under $1000.

Anyone can get a price quote while shopping on this portal. The different Ford Ranger motor sizes are presented. What our system requires is the make and model year. This ensures that accurate quotes are distributed. Use our system right on this page for the most updated data. People can even call us offline. We have a huge call center with an experienced personnel staff.