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Used Ford Ranger Automatic Transmission Guide

The Ranger truck by Ford used several automatic transmission types while for sale in America. All of these assemblies were reliable, but they did use separate parts. Nothing is cross compatible and requires an OEM match. Even though the light-duty truck is rumored for a comeback, you can still get a used Ford Ranger automatic transmission on this site.

Types of Ranger Gearboxes

Ford did use Mazda parts and vice-versa. Beginning in 1983, production of the smaller trucks took over the United States. In an effort to gain higher sales than Chevrolet, Ford Motor Company starting investing more of its dollars into its Ranger pickup trucks.

The very first type of assembly utilized was the famous C3. This was carried over from the larger F-Series trucks and vans. While it was not a popular product, development of other assemblies took place as well. Moving on the C5 was a step in the right direction, but vehicle owners demanded better control.

Additional transmissions used in the Ford Ranger pickup include the following:


The use of shift solenoid packs to handle the up shift and down shift demands was common in the early 1990s. Most automakers at this time were developing new products. By tailoring electronics with magnets and coils, higher accuracy could be achieved with an automatic assembly.

Anything with an “E” at the end of a part name identifies that it is electronic. The RWD is the only type of drivetrain that was found in the Ford Ranger. The gross weight of the vehicle did not matter too much because of the various engines found in the pickup truck class. All of the parts were professionally tuned to offer the best range of torque.

Top 6 Ranger Transmission Problems

Like all automotive parts, people will experience an issue at one time or another. There is no one factory issue that encompasses all used Ford Ranger transmissions in the world. It is a large combination of issues that a savvy buyer should be aware of. Anything on this PowertrainGuys.com resource is checked for its craftsmanship and reliability before retailed to the general public. This is good to keep in mind.

1. Brake band gasket
2. Valve body solenoid
3. Failed torque converter
4. Solenoid sticks
5. Leaking Mercon IV ATF
6. Torque converter control valve

These are just a small amount of the most common problems that plaque the range of automatic Ranger truck transmissions in existence. This is not to say that all people will experience one or any of the issues that are listed. It is merely provided as a list of some things that have went wrong on working units in the past. It is a good reference point.

Warranty Period for Parts

You have to ‘learn’ to buy a truck transmission. It is not something that you just know how to do to avoid issues down the road. You can be enticed by cheap prices on eBay or even your favorite directory website. The thing you should be most concerned with is the term of coverage that you have at your finger tips. This documentation is what will save you when you need to swap out a failed assembly without hiring a mechanic.

PTG serves a warranty policy that consumers get a lot out of. The factory built parts are what you can expect coverage for when ordering from this resource. Nothing has been added or taken off of the builds that we showcase to you. You know you are really getting an OEM version. It will serve you best to get a quality assembly that has been overhauled and tested before you try to drop one in your truck.

Some people who are replacing an older assembly know that the current one they have slips when it is cold outside. A dirty valve body might be the cause of this. Generally, weather conditions have little effect on the total functionality. Keeping the fluid clean and constantly testing parts is the only two ways to conquer 99 percent of problems.

What to Pay for a Ranger Gearbox

As a consumer, an MSRP or a sale price is what you are shown when a dealer presents inventory to you. Knowing how to differentiate each type will help you save cash. If you know what to pay, you will never get ripped off in your search for a replacement assembly. Too many people take the first price that seems cheap and end up spending too much money.

The basic prices are $1025.00 on the high end. This means the unit has very few miles. It has not been used very much when installed in a previous owners vehicle. The low end is about $345. This represents a unit that has a lot of miles and will provide a few good years of usage. There are reduced prices and special incentives that can reduce the examples shown. The very best way to know you are getting a deal is to ask a retailer for their best price.

Price Quotes for Ford Transmissions

PowertrainGuys.com has every make and model assembly in stock. There are junk yard derivatives that we are retailing online. When you deal with us, you get a warranty plan and we take care of you months after your purchase is complete. A price quote for our products is what you can expect to locate using this portal. Tap or click onto the computer we display here to get started. You do not need to spend more than 30 seconds of your time doing this.

When you are ready to deal with us, call us by phone. Our service staff will help you understand which gearbox you have and what type will fit easily into your truck. Even if you are a mechanic or body shop manager, we will still sell to you. Everyone ends up paying the very same price for a specific production code number that exists in our PTG warehouse.