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Ford SVT 5.4L Lightning Engines for Sale

The Ford 5.4L Triton is an engine that should go down in the history books as one of Ford’s best. When drivers demanded more power in the late 1990s, Ford went to work and what they came back with was the Triton. This engine was bigger, badder and better than anything they had ever achieved with the 4.6L Modular versions. Finding a quality engine for your pickup truck does not have to be a hard thing to do. Our Ford SVT 5.4L Lightning new engines for sale give you the Triton power you need for a reduced price. We sell to dealers and average drivers that don’t want to spend a lot on new engines like these.

We don’t have anything against a used or remanufactured engine. Depending on where you buy these, they can be a great addition to your F-Series truck. It is hard to find a good price though on a used V8 engine. Many of these have too many miles on them and would cost too much to keep them running. A remanufactured engine is better but will not last forever. Experiencing a brand new engine is always best and you can be in control of how many miles that you put on one. You don’t have to worry about quality issues or who didn’t do what to an engine before you bought it.

OEM Ford SVT 5.4L Lightning New Engines for Sale

You won’t find any Japanese made parts on the new engines we have in stock. There are many ways to cut corners when selling new engines and we’re not going to start now. It’s surprising to us just how many sellers will do anything for a profit. We don’t stoop to these lows. We buy right from dealerships and Ford certified engine distributors. What we get are pullouts, overstock and swapped engines from dealers. These engines are brand new and there are no defects. In fact part of our testing ensures this. We use dyno testing on our new engines and prove to every customer these engines are perfect in every way.

We give a completely low price. We sell genuine engines. We test them and make our customers happy. We wrap it all up with our extended warranty. You better believe it. We give one of the best warranties in the engine selling industry. We know that many dealers don’t even warranty the motors that are sold online. We feel differently about this. You expect a new engine to give you 3 solid years of performance. We give this unlimited mileage warranty to every customer that buys our V8 Triton engines. No more worrying and watching the mileage pileup. If you have an issue, we’ll take care of it with our warranty policy.

Ford SVT 5.4L Lightning New Engines for Sale Pricing

You’ve spent a lot of your time searching around and probably came up short. We can help you here. Our pricing is given out really quickly when you use our SVT form to get it.  Provide the information the form asks and within less than a minute the process is complete. You can call by phone and get our prices that way too. We give our lowest Ford SVT price regardless of how you decide how to get it.