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Used Ford Taurus 3.4L Engine

The Ford Taurus used an updated 3.4L V8 engine between the years of 1996 and 1999. A high output model was co-produced by Ford and through Yamaha. This was a major upgrade to the regular V6 that had been used for a decade prior. The SHO or Super High Output production was increased in the mid-1990s to handle the demand for the all-new aluminum blocks. A person who needs to buy a used Ford Taurus 3.4L engine can complete a purchase here online.

3.4L SHO 60-Degree V8

The SHO in the 8-cylinder build is one of the most powerful motors ever to be installed in the Taurus. Before the first termination of this auto brand, Ford had been developing new engineering facilities to handle more mass produced cars. The 10:1 compression ratio in the V8 block was the perfect fit for the late model Taurus sedans.

There are 207 cubic inches found in the V8 3.4L blocks. The motor was mounted as a 60-degree build and was rated for 6100 RPMs at top speed. There are a total of 32 valves on the block and the build is aluminum. It is still possible to buy the Ford Taurus 3.4 V8 engine although some sources are limited in supply.

The 3.4 displacement block at Ford was a short-term build that was marketed to performance car lovers. While the Taurus was not known for its extreme horsepower, the re-branding of the brand name was expected to reach a new level of automobile buyers. The V8 SHO motors on sale at PowertrainGuys.com are ready for national shipments.

Buy Ford 3.4 Engines On Sale Daily

Unlike the Essex 4.2, the V8 edition was a special build that is harder to find. Thanks to scrap car parts sellers and auto junk yards, a sizable level of inventory has been acquired for retail sale here. It does not matter where a person lives in the U.S. An order can be placed in real time for any motor block listed. The entire 4-years of production given to the SHO builds did make a mark on the auto industry.

To receive an automated price quotation, begin by using the tools on this page. A defined search process makes the price retrieval process pretty easy. For anyone who has not used a digital inventory system before, the process could not be easier. In a matter or one or two mouse clicks, what is provided is a take home price for the used Taurus SHO V8 Ford-Yamaha auto engine.