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Ford Used Engines 5.4L for Sale

5.4-liter Ford V8 engines are known as Triton builds. This series was for sale in F150, Econoline, Mustang and other automobiles. It is hard to deny the amazing power of the mid 1990s big-block motors. A person who is trying to keep a swap as cheap as possible will want a crate block. There are Ford 5.4L used crate engines on sale to people on this website.

Triton Motor Specs

This large 8-cylinder build is a 5408 cubic centimeter build. The official specs by Ford Motor Company lists a 330 cubic inch displacement. The earliest 5.4L motors were tuned to achieve 260 horsepower. These editions were known as the 2-valve models.

With engineering upgrades, a 3-valve model was able to be designed. For the GT Mustang, Ford went all out and manufactured a high-performance Triton. These are kind of rare, but are sought after on the secondary market. This 4-valve edition is also available in crate form.

The driving design behind the cast iron block is the SOHC shaft. Because of the versatility of the V8, there were many pickup trucks, vans and sport utility vehicles that held the Triton 5.4L motor. Our company is one of few that supplies these as used or remanufactured.

5.4-Liter SOHC Compatible Vehicles

Ford quickly recognized its ability to manufacture good vehicles in the 1960s. Carrying over this tradition helped develop its Modular motor series. In the past two decades, automobiles across all subsidiaries in the company utilized the V8. The Navigator, Expedition, GT, LTD and SVT Lightning trucks have showcased the 5.4.

Testing plays a role for consumers who buy replacement auto parts. It is hard for someone to eyeball a block and think it is in good condition. Problems can only be detected with dyno or compression test. Depending on the model, one or both of these tests are conducted. Our company has excellent suppliers that stand behind all stock.

Discounted Ford Crate Motors

We provide the easiest way to order our inventory. People can get a quick estimate right on this website. Add the model year, select an automaker type and get started right now. Our system is configured and updated every day. Everything we display is accurate. To call our specialists, use the number we post on this page.

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