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Used Ford Windstar Transmission

The Windstar was a top Ford minivan that used a four-speed transmission. The first time this automobile hit the market for sale was the year 1995. Playing on the success of the Taurus, the decision to install a gearbox featuring an overdrive gear was made. There is still quite a public demand for the three-door and four-door van parts. Powertrain Guys has a stock of used Ford Windstar transmission inventory ready for delivery.

Specs of the Windstar Assembly

While the overdrive was the primary feature between 1996 and 1997, the select shift technology was just coming of age. Ford Motor Company developed its AX4S four-speed as the official replacement to the Windstar AXOD transmission. Trim models such as the LX, GL and Cargo were the first to popularize this edition in America.

The planetary gears were standard as well as the low and intermediate bands. The forward clutch and converter clutch were all part of the AX series of gearboxes. The last installation in the minivan was the AX4N. Every unit has a full torque converter. This is what gives the power for the turbine. It is not unique to Ford though. Most automakers include similar technology with mid-1990s components.

Common Windstar Transmission Issues

Things like a bad downshift going from gear two to gear one is common. Fluid leaks do happen with older housings that are too rusted. There are reasons that any owner would have to go ahead and just replace the automatic four-speed with a different one. PTG ensures that its inventory listed on this website does not have noted problems.

The practice of buying a rebuilt assembly over a preowned one does happen. Something built from the ground up again will have a longer life span. That is the theory at least. What really kills a gearbox is not changing the fluid. Too many people think the units will last forever, but any mechanic will deny that claim.

Windstar Transmission Cost

Let our immediate price generation process impress you. Get to know the retail price and the sale price for comparison purposes. All factory direct deals are passed on to the public. A person who replaces one of the 4-gear assemblies in Ford minivans surely wants to save some money. The exact cost plus any shipping charges is what we give.

In addition to this procedure, the phone support is excellent. Go ahead and place a call. An easy going professional who has auto parts experience will assist you. Do not go into buying preowned car parts by yourself. Ask us a question or two. There is no way that a buyer will pay too much money for what is in our warehouse.