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Geo Tracker Engines for Sale Best Prices

The Tracker by Geo used four-cylinder 1.6-liter engines for most of its life. While first produced by Suzuki, Chevrolet also offered a variant in the U.S. market. The smaller size of the block did not curb auto sales from 1989 to the 2004 year. There is still a demand globally for replacement SUV parts. Anyone on this website can buy used Geo Tracker engines at sale prices.

G16A and G16B Motors

Before the changeover to the Suzuki Vitara, the CAMI automotive 1.6L block was produced. These were 80 horsepower motors according to the specs. There were two divisions of inventory placed into the Tracker. The G16A or G16B blocks were installed. The USA and Canadian market each offered a different build.

Just like there were different levels of trim, motor sizes eventually increased. A 2.0L and a 2.5L V6 were added in the Chevrolet produced options. This includes the GM L01. This brought the performance level to FWD and 4WD. Double checking the VIN number will ensure someone orders the right Chevrolet or Geo replacement engine here.

Geo Tracker 16 Valve Engine Swap

Because there is an 8 and 16 valve option, people can find what they need here. All of the models that are in stock are affordable to swap. Even if someone does not do a DIY install, products can be shipped to a mechanic or service center instead. There will be no need to change the timing or other components.

Everything on sale at PTG has been evaluated. Controlling what is in the warehouse keeps defects from slipping through to our customers. All used Geo Tracker engine blocks ship with warranties. There is one general term of coverage. This does not cost extra money. Value is created over the long term for buyers.

Prices for Tracker Motors in Stock

It is not necessary to search serial numbers, block stamps or other identifiers. Our inventory is cataloged and displayed with VIN information. The computer system and our experts conduct matches daily. While we do integrate with our suppliers, we invested into our own database. Accuracy is built through our price and SKU updates.

Place a call to our service department to ask about mileage. A quote is given online too. Entering some minimal details inside of our computer gets anyone a price. We often give pricing to dealers, junk yards, restorers and SUV owners. It is hard for other retailers to compete with our preowned Geo motors pricing.