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GM 2.5 Liter Engine for Sale

GM modified its Ecotec engine block to build the 2.5 series for sale in 2013. Although nameplate was around since 2002, the four-cylinder block comes in a standard or turbocharged edition. Fans of performance automobiles no longer have to settle just for luxury options. Powertrain Guys has a GM 2.5 liter engine for sale on this site.

Specs of the 2.5 Ecotec

The RPM does top out at 7000 revolutions per minute. This point is the maximum that the straight I4 series can handle. The crankshaft is constructed from solid steel. Like most modern day motors, the DOHC was a wise choice to include. The total cubic inch displacement is fixed at the factory at 150 CID.

Horsepower is always a concern with smaller blocks. Even without the inclusion of turbos, a person who obtains the 2.5 liter block will be impressed with the power. The 194 hp to 202 hp range is quite respected. Most vehicles that use this block rely on the 6L45 automatic transmission.

A high pressure fuel pump is now factory installed. This allows better regulation and distribution of needed fluid. This technology is an advanced type that is now used in combination with the variable valve timing.

Cars Using the 2.5 Motor

Although installations did not begin until the 2013 year, plans were already approved for production schedules. The pickup truck, SUV and sedan vehicles were each designed to hold the Ecotec 2.5 liter motor by GM.

The following makes and models of vehicles will accept the used motors for sale here:

Cadillac ATS

Do not think that because the build is a newer design that you cannot find one in used condition. Just like the Vortec brand before it, the Ecotec base is constantly being changed. People are discovering what this build can do and value the results achieved.

Buy Used GM Engines Here

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