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GM L01 Engine for Sale

The RPO L01 engine block is a GM creation. These were used inside the Prism and Sidekick vehicles under a partnership with Suzuki. The 1.6-liter displacement was one of the smallest provided in General Motors subsidiary vehicles. For any person trying to swap a motor in a 1988 to 1999 vehicle, the GM L01 engine for sale inventory presented here is sale priced at all times.

4-Cylinder SOHC 16V Blocks

During production of the single overhead cam blocks, GM placed emphasis on the fuel delivery system. The L01 RPO code build has a multi-port fuel injection system. This is the very same technology that was found in much larger versions throughout many domestic and foreign motor vehicles.

The horsepower rating for the 1.6L 4-cylinder block is a mere 95. The block is constructed from aluminum to help get rid of excessive heat during transport. The actual redline limit for the OEM four-cylinder edition stands at 5600 RPM. The L01 option code edition is an OBD-II technological version.

A vehicle control module is built into the block to help with diagnostics if a problem does exist. This is generally achieved in combination with the engine service light display. Mechanics and others who will end up purchasing a used 1.6L GM motor will appreciate how easy these editions are to restore.

Availability of 1.6L I4 Family 1 Engines

The original longitudinal design carried a 1598 cc rating. General Motors ended development for its automotive division and switched to an industrial product in the early 2000s. People who plan to order a second hand block should be careful to choose the right version. The modern day builds are suitable only for industrial usage in ariel lifts, generators and other types of machinery.

The salvage industry is one place to find original condition 4-cylinder motors for Suzuki, Geo and Chevrolet cars. Powertrain Guys is one of the specialist companies that has a supply chain that includes American junk yards supplying 1.6L auto engines. All of what can be ordered is available in the central warehouse search system that appears to all people using this page for research.

Buy RPO L01 Used Car Engines Online

An instant look into the parts division of the PTG company is supplied at the click of a button here. Instead of just listing a single retail price tag for each product, a lot of automotive information is also included. How many miles does each build have? Are the factory installed parts warranted from damage? How much is a salvage 1.6-liter engine online? Direct answers to those types of questions are automatically provided here.

To use the quotation tool, provide the year of a vehicle that needs a swapped block. A comparison of VIN (6) information can then be made when the database searches the warehouse. People find price data and warranty terms here prior to ordering one of the certified used Tracker, Prism or other parts in stock.