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GM LB8 Engine Used

The LB8 is an RPO code used by GM to identify its 2.8L engines. Starting in 1981, the 173 CID versions were manufactured. This production period started a whirlwind in sedan and sports car development for a period of 10 years. Someone hoping to find the carbureted GM LB8 engine used can sort through the stock available to buy on this parts website.

60-Degree 2.8L VIN S Motors

The longitudinal design of the 2.8-liter motor fit perfectly in the Camaro, Cavalier, S10 and other motor vehicles. Depending on what year each block was produced, the fuel systems were different. As an OHV build, the chain-driven versions had a carburetor. These could be a Varajet II or the E2SE editions.

GM also installed fuel evaporation system sensors to alert drivers of an imminent fuel problem. Later versions were MFI fuel systems. What transmissions work with the LB8 motor? Two of the most common pairings are the MD8 and the MBI (THM125C) assemblies. Dexron II fluid is needed for these gearboxes.

RPO codes are frequently recycled for late model production motors in the U.S. The LB8 can also be used to identify the Chinese built Buick blocks now utilized in luxury automobiles. For classic car restorers or mechanics, the 2.8-liter V6 will always refer to the ’80s products.

Low Mileage 6-Cylinder V6 Engines

Purchasing an auto part in used condition will take some work on behalf of a consumer. Retailers, in general, do a good job of promoting good products to buy. There are circumstances where a person will be confronted with an offer to purchase a high mileage engine variant for a low price. In these cases, the builds rarely come with a length warranty for parts protection.

Powertrain Guys acquires a complete 6-cylinder auto engine inventory from dismantlers in the USA. Each company is reputable and offers a base form of a warranty for components buyers. The majority of units in stock are low mileage based on age and are certified preowned. This does leave room for people hoping to score a deal on a used LB8 car engine for sale.

Buy Second Hand GM LB8 Engines

The camshaft, wiring, gaskets, valves and other components originally installed have been overviewed before sale. People can place an order directly for any classic General Motors block that is still in existence. There are thousands of scrap yards and other resources being tapped to acquire the used motor vehicle parts on sale here. Even a person with a limited budget can review products in stock and shippable in North America here online.