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GM LE2 Engine Used

The 2.8L engine is an LE2 RPO code block from General Motors. This motor was used between the 1980 and 1986 production years. Before the development of the Vortec brand, a lot of marketing dollars were given to the smaller 6-cylinder units. By using the resources on this website, anyone can buy a GM LE2 engine used with a complete warranty online.

2.8L Overhead Valve Engine

The early 1980s block that General Motors built for its sedan and compact vehicles used carburetor systems. The correct air and fuel intake mixture was needed for optimum performance. A two-barrel carburetor is attached to all 2.8L V6 LE2 blocks.

The design of the 2.8-liter was an iron block 60-degree model. The main difference between the LE2 and LB6 was the fuel setup. The use of multi-port fuel injection systems did not come until the mid 1980s. While GM has recycled its RPO codes, the LE2 now refers to the Ecotec 1.4L for late model products.

Cars That Used LE2 V6

Some of the biggest sellers of the ’80s were cars from Buick and Pontiac. Chevrolet brands still struggled for the sedan models. The most popular automobiles that utilized the 2.8-liter blocks were the Century, Skylark, Phoenix, Citation, Celebrity and 6000. Only a couple of Chevy and Pontiac vehicles were equipped with the 112 hp to 115 hp V6.

As with any product in used condition, the OEM parts can be worn. When a person begins to search for a replacement engine block, it is common to look at prices first. The condition of a build should be the most important aspect although getting a reduced price is nice too.

Warranties With Used LE2 2.8L Motors

Powertrain Guys does offer customers a two-year warranty program. This was set up in order to cover a better percentage of parts. Worn components and heavy mileage often affect motor performance. Due to the protection plans available, customers placing orders do not have to worry about common issues not protected by an auto parts plan.

Buy RPO LE2 2.8L V6 Engines Online

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