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Isuzu Hombre 2.2L Engine for Sale

Hombre trucks by Isuzu used 2.2L engine blocks from 1996 to 2000. A co-op agreement with General Motors allowed the renaming of the S10 in some markets to the Isuzu edition. The I4 block that was installed in the compact trucks line was an authentic GM build. By using this website, anyone can buy an Isuzu Hombre 2.2L engine at a good price point.

LN2 and L43 Motors

When compared to the Chevy S10, the Hombre trucks only had two motor choices for the I4 base. The Vortec 2200 was supplied in LN2 and L43 RPO editions. Each of these blocks gave a respected 120 horsepower. The entire design was an OHV (overhead valve) and consisted of two valves for every cylinder.

Changes were processed in the mid 1990s that improved the way fuel was delivered to motors in GM automobiles. This technology, called MPFI, was added to the Vortec editions found in Hombre trucks from Isuzu. The trim options were X and XS in most markets.

A good tip to use to identify which 2.2-liter I4 is available is to match the vehicle identification number. One the underside of the housing, a code is stamped for review. The VIN 4 8th digit is the LN2 while the VIN 5 8th digit is the late model L43.

Iron Block 2-Valve I4 Warranty

General Motors uses iron and sand blasted iron in recent assemblies to reinforce the housing on all engine products. While this is a very strong material, the originally installed parts could still malfunction. Any person who does not know if a used block has been tested is at a disadvantage. The PowertrainGuys.com company has a top warranty plan that is featured for every person who orders using the checkout procedure here online.

2.2-Liter Hombre Truck Motor Prices

It all comes down to how much a block costs for most people. While fluctuations are common for second hand parts, a base cost is usually simple to determine. All Isuzu salvage yards that provide components at PTG are American companies. A review of applicable discounts can be completed after generation of a quote.

How much do I4 builds cost to ship? There usually are no shipping charges for the versions in stock if delivered to a business. A lift gate is common for all freight haulers. The discounts and other selections available to users of this website are locked in at the time a quotation is distributed by phone or by web interface.