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Used Honda Accord Axle Shaft

Did the front axle shaft break in your Honda Accord? If you are like most people, you have never had to swap out the left or right side CV axle. While it is not an impossible job, it is tedious and requires entirely removing the front wheels. Powertrain Guys can sell you a used Honda Accord axle shaft that is guaranteed to be straight.

Diagnosing Bad CV Joints

Does your Accord click when you turn? You might even experience hard turning when you move to the right or the left. These are all common symptoms of a shaft gone bad. The ball joint that attaches to the assembly could even break. At this point, you have to take off each wheel and inspect the complete drive shaft.

If you are not a mechanic, you will have to have your own impact wrench. Removing the lug nuts on the wheel cover is the first step of a swap. You might even notice at this point that oil is coming out of the CV boot. All of these problems are part of the nightmare of a broken Accord front axle.

The typical break happens inside of the boot. This is why you cannot see if when just looking at the entire assembly. When you go to lift the shaft, it will probably limp to one side. Auto owners can and should replace their own parts. PTG has cheap parts in stock to get you on your way.

Warranty for Preowned Parts

Our company handles all types of drivetrain components. What you will sort through while looking in our inventory is import as well as domestic parts. There is a warranty given to every person who shops on this page. We want to make it clear to consumers that doing their own work is not compromised if they have a good axle shaft to start with.

Prices for Accord Drive Shafts

A quote is what we can give to you when you want to learn our price list. Give us a few details about your Honda car and we prepare the actual cost of the components. You can order the right axle or the left axle. While you cannot order tools, we do supply junk yard pullouts from our inventory that are always guaranteed.

Call the PTG staff to process your order. The chance of us being cheaper than most places is pretty high. We always rotate discounts and other incentives for buyers. Factual information is given about mileage, condition and wear of our products. Give us a try right now. Our tools are useable with mobile phones or standard computers. Stop driving around with a noisy front shaft and do something about it.