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Hyundai A5HF1 Transmission for Sale

The A5HF1 is a Hyundai automatic 5-speed transmission. It was actually built by Mitsubishi through its Kyoto Works factory. This assembly was made for FWD automobiles. It found its way into a number of motor vehicles starting in the 2007 production year. Powertrain Guys supplies a used Hyundai A5HF1 transmission for sale to anyone using this website.

Specs of the A5HF1 Gearbox

There are a total of three planetary gears inside of the housing. A single brake band is also installed. There are a total of seven solenoid modules installed. This is to control the various electronics that are now placed in my Hyundai vehicles. The transmission control module (TCM) is programmed to operate the lock up torque converter.

To identify this 5-speed assembly, one would need to find the stamp on the top of the housing. For use in Hyundai vehicles, the stamp numbering will start with the letter “U”. The next letter defines that there are five total gears counting the reverse gear.

Cars Using A5HF1 Transmissions

The very first time that Hyundai placed A5 series of assemblies inside of a vehicle was in 2007. The Sonata was the very first automobile selected. After this successful decision, additional cars were built and paired up with the A5HF1 transmission. These additional automobiles include the Santa Fe and the Entourage.

The best usage it with the V6 engine. Because there is a double-duty solenoid pack, the pressure is just right for application where a bigger motor is needed. The low reverse clutch and the overdrive clutch are perfectly suited for operation with the 3.3L and 3.6L engines.

Buy Used A5HF1 Automatic Assemblies

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