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Dodge Intrepid 3.3L V6 Engine for Sale

Intrepid luxury cars used 3.3L pushrod engines at Dodge starting in 1993. The infamous LH body type fit well with the luxurious sedans on sale produced globally. People who appreciate horsepower loved the V6 motor block. Chrysler, at the time, made the decision to go with the OHV 6-cylinder when building its early 1990s automobiles. Pay less for a Dodge Intrepid 3.3L V6 engine here. Order used or remanufactured versions in real time.

3.3-Liter Intrepid Motor Specs

The overhead valve block was selected for coupling the 42LE automatic transmission. This was the option of choice for four-speed torque. The 201 cubic inch displacement fared well with the 150 hp to 162 hp in the 3.3-liter. The respected horsepower was an instant hit for the Intrepid.

One does not require a VIN decoder to match inventory on this website. While having a 17-digit number is helpful, it is easy to tell the 3.3 apart from the upgraded 3.5 or 2.7L engine. When looking at the number, the ‘R’ in the 8th place details the EGA option code.

Low mileage is certainly important when shopping for a used Chrysler motor. On the preowned market, actual counts vary because of age of cars. The first generation Intrepid luxury cars were produced for only a five-year period. A block that is rebuilt is sometimes the preferred version.

Four-Door Sedan V6 Inventory

The strength of a replacement Dodge engine is only as good as a warranty. There are short-term and long-term policies that some retailers provide. In the end, there is no charge for an extended plan here. Almost all of the original (OEM) components receive the right amount of coverage.

Every build that exists in our auto parts warehouse is ready to ship. These are crated by our team. After a lengthy evaluation, stock is moved to the selling area. A warehouse member gives the block one last overview before sending it to its destination.

Buy 3.3L Intrepid Engines Here

A discount off the MSRP price is always given out. This is one way to retain paying customers. In the automotive world, retailers only survive when consumers are happy. PowertrainGuys.com does its part to offer above average condition motors to swap. After a quote request in put through this website, an order can then be placed.

The entire service team is available by phone here. We know Chrysler products well. If something does not match up right, we can double-check the model or identification number. Sometimes, block numbers are hard to read. A quick call to our team is a great way to experience what we have to sell.