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ISB 6.7 Cummins Engine for Sale

The 6.7 is one diesel engine by Cummins found often for sale in Ram and International trucks. This block is a cast iron build that is called a straight six or I6 assembly. People find it placed inside most medium-duty truck types that were built after the 2007 year. Since these units are still in production, an ISB 6.7 Cummins engine is for sale right here at PTG online.

Cummins Diesel Specs

The B-Series motors are equipped for OHV operation. All of the variants that have been built in factories include 480 cubic inches. The thing that makes each model reliable is a mixture of its 2600 RPM governed speed and the fuel system. Bosch is the company that manufactures the high pressure common rail pump found in most late model Cummins motors.

One of the features of the ISB6.7 is its lower noise output. Unlike the same size blocks built just a year or two earlier, a lower amount of decibels during start-up is achieved. A second feature that is beloved is the crankcase vent system. To disperse heat, a ventilation function was added to the housing to keep the block cooler.

Horsepower and compression are two elements that are pretty common with diesel technology. In terms of the used ISB 6.7 engines found here, the 17.3:1 compression and up to 385 horsepower are always doubled checked. The regular weight without oil in the pan is around 1,150 pounds.

Salvage I6 Blocks Versus Rebuilt

Names like Cummins are standard in the commercial industry. Even though consumers drive vehicles that hold a diesel block, the soul of the builds like 6.7 liter pertains to heavy-duty jobs. A preowned ISB 6.7 with high mileage might still be relevant for typical tasks. A rebuilt block does have advantages, but the costs are usually three times higher on average.

The real value of buying a 6.7 I6 diesel motor from a junk yard is more than just the entry-level price point. Parts generally last for a long time even under regular usage patterns. Most owners of trucks prefer to do their own maintenance any way instead of hiring an expensive truck mechanic. Powertrain Guys provides the national resource to pay less for a good condition diesel engine by Cummins.

Buy Used 6.7 Liter Engines

Dollars go a lot farther when good resources are tapped into. PTG has a first of its kind database that lets consumers know exactly how much it will cost to own a replacement automotive component. Both gasoline and diesel powered blocks are featured in the very warehouses of our supply agencies we work with.

The complete prices, warranty information and shipping terms are given after each usage of the computer system. While transparent data is given to people using this digitized system, phone calls are still accepted offline using our main contact number. Our office is always open to help a person find a good deal even if he or she does not end up buying through this resource.