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Isuzu 3.2L V6 Engine for Sale

The Isuzu 3.2L is a V6 powered engine found for sale in the Trooper and Amigo. The construction is a DOHC unit that carries the production code of 6VDI. This block was originally added beginning in the year 1993. The performance was never affected by any type of on-road or off-road usage. Powertrain Guys has an Isuzu 3.2L V6 engine for sale through this website.

6VD1 3.2 Motor Specs

The Trooper was the first SUV to receive the 3.2. The base level trim package was tied to the 175 hp. When Isuzu upped the power level in its proprietary 6-cylinder, the performance catapulted to 195 hp. The swap from the 3.1 by GM did not hinder sales in the United States for a number of years.

The 75-degree slant is very different from the factory GM 90-degree. This was an unusual arrangement due to the area underneath the hood. A manual transmission or an automatic transmission works with the Amigo or Trooper 3.2L blocks we sell.

There are 24 valves that are in place on the factory blocks. We pull the units out of junk yards that continue to sell import automotive parts. Things are verified and then checked our before anything goes into our company showroom.

3.2L Isuzu Engine Buyers Guide

The timing belt is something that can and will break on the V6. A total replacement will be needed. Someone who has this issue already knows how disruptive it can be. The way that the belt goes around the pulleys has a lot to do with the wear pattern. Aside from such a small issue, there are no regular concerns.

Low mileage is certainly your friend. The enemy is any block that has too much usage for its model year. The motor runs good if it is kept up with maintenance. It is when this is lacking that is really beings to hurt the parts inside. PTG certifies everything that can be located through use of this website.

Used 3.2L Isuzu Engines

You get a warranty. We attach a lower price. You are buying something that we would even purchase for our own use. Nothing is in poor condition. There is great support here online as well as offline. Dealing with a pro company means you get respect. From the coverage policy to quick shipping, a good deal is found on all crate inventory.

The price for all used Isuzu V6 motors is quoted automatically. Give our computer the year and some other finer details to get the best estimate. This processing is completed in no time at all. When you want to order, pick up the phone and call our specialists. We are here to serve body shops, auto junk yards, mechanics and SUV owners.