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Isuzu Rodeo 2.2L Engine

The Rodeo by Isuzu used a 2.2L engine along with the Amigo in the U.S. While the first generation popularized the 2.6L four-cylinder, it was the reissue that made its name in America. The 1998 year was when the 16-valve blocks were installed. A complete Isuzu Rodeo 2.2L engine is what people come here to find and buy at PowertrainGuys.com.

The name Rodeo was placed on the light-duty trucks and the mid-size SUV. The non pickup truck versions were what was imported into North America. Isuzu and General Motors had a working relationship that included development of vehicles and motor blocks. The 2.2-liter was built by Holden. This was one subsidiary of GM in the global auto community.

Specs of the Isuzu Rodeo Motor

The internal code name for the 2.2 is X22SE. This was the base version. It is a 16-valve single overhead cam block. It can be directly swapped with the Amigo with zero modifications. The mounts and all wiring is exactly the same. There is an overstock of the Rodeo versions that are supplied through junk yards. The very PTG inventory people look through here comes out of those resources.

The final year of manufacture was 2005. Canada production ended a year earlier. Someone who is trying to find a quality used 2.2 motor will have to check the preowned market. These GM Family II blocks are out of production. Since there were hundreds of thousands of mid-size SUVs sold, there is no shortage of parts at this time.

2.2L Isuzu Motor Warranty

The unfortunate truth is that many blocks are sold elsewhere with zero warranty coverage. People are on their own when it comes to fixing a defective build. PTG has a pretty respected policy for helping consumers if or when an issue happens. The maximum life for the plans is about three years in length. This is plenty of time to use the block without fear of a breakdown.

Buy Used X22SE Engines

A sale price is what is fixed to every Rodeo or Amigo or Hombre motor here. This can be reviewed by taking a look inside our current warehouse inventory. The computer on this page needs only minimal information to help prepare a price quote. The model year and the make are one requirement that will ensure the right details are displayed. For something not listed, a call will have to be placed to us. Do not worry. We will never keep you on the phone.