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Jeep 3.2-Liter V6 24-Valve VVT Engine

The 3.2 VVT engine is a V6 model now found for sale in Jeep Cherokee SUVs. This assembly is the power focused little brother to the famous Pentastar 6 cylinder. It is built by FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) and is now found inside of the KL Cherokee models built after 2014. You can buy a Jeep 3.2-liter V6 24-valve VVT engine on this website.

Cherokee Motor Specs

Big things were in store for consumers when Chrysler announced the return of its Cherokee nameplate. While the body style did change, what mattered the most was the engine and transmission upgrades. The discontinuance of the PowerTech brand in favor of the Pentastar was so far a smart decision.

The DOHC is something that is found only in bigger blocks. Aside from adding the 948TE transmission, the fuel economy was improved to a decent 29 MPG. The horsepower now excels in top performance at 271 hp. A slight increase in the 6750 RPM is what makes this possible.

Even in a used Jeep 3.2 engine, you can expect to find 198 cubic inches inside. The compression is now 10:7:1 and growing higher with every new build. PowertrainGuys.com sources all of what a person can explore using this website from second hand auto companies throughout North America.

DOHC 3.2 Jeep Motor Warranty

Whenever a consumer orders through this portal, the supplier handling the distribution will provide a warranty coverage plan. The actual term will vary due to a number of reasons. The age and mileage are only two of the elements that dictate the protection plan length. A thorough review is not always possible with some types of inventory although regular checks and balances are often enacted.

A vehicle mechanic or even a regular SUV owners who have a plan to swap the Cherokee 3.2 liter V6 block each get a good value here. Through arrangements with multiple dealers, the pricing generally reaches a lower amount due in part to competition in the industry. No one pays the MSRP like at a dealership.

Buy Used V6 Engines from Chrysler

Few consumers make purchase decision on a whim when it comes to a motor. Exploring the exterior for signs of rust, visually inspecting for fluid leaks and even a compression test are things that a person cannot do by looking at a picture. PTG works in conjunction with companies that do a routine series of tests to help portray accuracy in the inventory that is presented.

A full quote for each sale price is easily arranged through this page. Using automation and a database, what is in stock and ready to ship at all times is provided. An exact VIN match is made through partners to find the best condition build and lowest mileage. When this data is located, the 3.2 engine price quote is then created. Phone service is provided by dialing the number we give to you. All FAQ and other information will be provided.