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Jeep 5.2 Engine for Sale

The 5.2 Magnum engine was made for sale in the Jeep Grand Cherokee in 1993. It is one of the most powerful and reliable blocks that Chrysler has produced. It just so happens that many Dodge vehicles made use of this build. The second hand market is where to procure replacement versions these days. Powertrain Guys has a Jeep 5.2 engine for sale here.

5.2 Liter Motor Specs

The horsepower is the first thing that people notice about the V8. The 5.2 displacement edition can reach between 225 hp to 230 hp on average. You get 318 cubic inches inside of the cast iron assembly. The last year of factory production was the year 1998. The build was replaced with the 4.7 liter V8 PowerTech in the Jeep family.

The oil pan will hold 5 quarts of oil. This data should be known by a person will will buy a used 5.2 Jeep motor from PTG. The VIN Y was the only model that was installed in the Grand Cherokee to keep things uniform for inventory purposes. Many people still have the debate of 4.0 versus 5.2 for power and performance specs.

Magnum Engine Warranty Plans

A parts warranty, not including labor, is included when ordering from us. We do this to provide a written guarantee that all of the parts are still working. In fact, the block itself is very clean. You might have trouble telling the difference between new one and a preowned one. The fact that mileage does remain as low as possible is a really good thing.

The PTG warranty plan is distributed during a shipment. When a delivery data is arranged, someone can open the crate and begin a visual inspection. The condition and the exterior quality are important to us. We are honest when we describe inventory that does not have a picture on this website.

Prices for Used Jeep Engines

In your quest to find a dealer, you might be tempted to work off of an MSRP price. You have probably taken time to search other resources before you came here. We simplify all of your research by including a customized quote in price on this page. You can enter the 1993 and up year for your SUV. We match it with the used 5.2 engines for sale that we showcase. There is no room for error and no reason to acquire the wrong block.

Our telephone number goes right to a real person when you call. You are not placed on hold. The only number we provide to you is our order number. You get the option to ask us just about anything before you process your payment. The Jeep junk yard inventory that we are distributing in North America is a good value and a reliable purchase.