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L05 Engine for Sale Used

The L05 engine from GM is a 5.7L displacement block. While this series was manufactured for only 9 years in the U.S., the legacy of this V8 model cannot be ignored. As a Generation I model, the L-series was unique because there were different compression ratios used depending on the type of installation required. A consumer or mechanic hoping to buy a L05 engine for sale can pick one up on this website for a fair and honest price.

TBI Cast Iron 5.7L Motors

The last of the throttle body injection systems were built into the L05 and L83 blocks at GM. The production period was between 1987 and 1996. With a range of horsepower from 180 to 210, plenty of power is provided. The heads and the block were each constructed of cast iron. This has been standard on most small-block series motors over the past couple of decades.

A unique element of the L05 engine block is the lack of a throttle control sensor. Unlike some of the larger V8 products, the lack of a sensor on these early models was seen as a setback by some consumers. GM did make up for any shortfalls for the 5.7-liter series by making several transmissions compatible. The most popular gearboxes used with the 8-cylinder series include TH400, 4L80E and 700R4.

Automobiles with GM L05 Motors

The G series vans produced in the late 1980s were the very first test model for the upgraded 5.7L V8. The G10, G20 and G30 were all fitted with this series for more power. The K5 Blazer, Chevy Suburban, Caprice, GMC Yukon, Chevy Tahoe and C/K trucks rounded out the models that required a larger block. There were Buick and Oldsmobile applications although these were minimal.

Variance in compression is one of the ways that someone can tell a standard V8 apart from another. The 8:6:1, 9:3:1 and 9:8:1 were the official versions for the latter 5.7 small-block. The used L05 engines for sale provided here at Powertrain Guys each feature one of the three main compression editions. The valve sizes are standard and the RPM limit remains fixed at 4400.

Common L05 V8 Upgrades Available

People who want more power can easily make changes to the stock configuration. Adding in new air intake valves, performance chips, pressure regulator or a better fuel pump can increase the efficiency of the 5.7 L05 engine. Because these changes are based on the skill and experience of a person, results can vary between installations for all people who attempt an upgrade.

Buy Used L05 Motors at a Discount

PowertrainGuys.com is linked nationally with nearly every junk yard, dismantler and service center pulling out blocks in salvage vehicles. This is how pricing is kept very low. To review what is in stock and the price data for each model, use the price exploration tools here online. Customer support is always phone call away for someone who has issues using the web based system.