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L19 Crate Engine for Sale Preowned

The 454 big block is offered in L19 RPO code versions by GM. This motor is widely used in trucks, sport utility vehicles and vans built between 1987 and 2000. There are two different versions produced depending on the type of vehicle using the 7.4-liter displacement. Cheap prices for all L19 crate engine for sale inventory can be researched and compared with use of this website.

Mark IV or L19 Engines

Depending on what year each block was made, it could have either the original Mark IV or updated L19 technology. The RPO codes are the same although there are slight differences. The 454 cubic inches are still found in each model, but the high output (HO) versions are only featured in the 7.4-liter Generation IV models.

The year of introduction for the Mark IV was 1987. This production was in place through the early 1990s until GM made changes to its truck and SUV platform. The gross weight of the L19 motor is 685 pounds. The high output version are the standard 4-bolt design. The used crate engines for sale that are retailed here at PTG reflect the condition of each unit in the price.

Vehicles Compatible With 7.4L Motors

Kodiak, Topkick, Suburban, Yukon and other bigger SUVs and trucks are where to find the 7.4-liter engines. While GM did replace the L19 with the L29 in the year 2001, there is still quite a demand in the used auto parts industry for complete auto engines. PTG supplies what might be the only web searchable inventory left for the common person to locate a swap for a defective 8-cylinder block.

With a range of about 230 horsepower, the 7.4L was considered a reliable installation. With a split between marine and automotive use, the block has seen a resurgence in recent years especially for builds in second hand condition. When someone uses the tools featured on this portal, all applicable VIN comparisons and price details are instantly viewable.

Buy L19 Crate Engines Direct

FWD and non-FWD editions of General Motors vehicles are compatible with the products showcased on this portal. In order to match a specific vehicle ID number, a model year will need to be inputted in the computerized warehouse tool supplied. The very best auto junk yards and scrap yards in North America is where inventory is taken from that appears here for sale.

What does a 454 engine warranty cover? How much does it cost to ship a big block engine? What transmissions are compatible with 7.4-liter V8 motors? Direct answers to such questions and an approximate sale price are delivered here at PowertrainGuys.com. A customer support department is reachable by phone during daily business hours. Ordering processing and prompt price quotes are delivered using the web or offline support tools.