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L37 Engine for Sale Used Condition

The RPO 37 engine code refers to the 4.6L Northstar block built for Cadillac, Buick and Pontiac vehicles. GM paired this model up for sale with its luxury lineup of automobiles sold exclusively in the United States and Canada. As a high output performance build, the Northstar series was built between 1993 and 2011. It is quite easy to find an L37 engine for sale through the massive parts inventory here at Powertrain Guys online.

Specs for the L37 GM Motor

The check digit for the 4.6-liter block is “9” for the pre-2011 models and “Y” for the updated LD8 series. The ratio of compression was set at 10:3:1 or higher for late model builds and this helped solidify more performance. There is a difference in the horsepower that might lead some to believe that specs are incorrect. The General Motors specs list 295 for the average hp although 290 and 292 were included in some Cadillac models.

The DOHC design was preferred for the biggest V8 blocks in the Cadillac, Pontiac and Buick brands. The FWD capacity of the 4.6-liter made it tough enough to use during all weather conditions. Finding an L37 that runs good is one thing that people hope for when reviewing the secondary market. Acquiring certified inventory is one of the lessons learned by common motor buyers.

Vehicles Compatible with Northstar Engines

The Seville, DTS, Allante, Eldorado, Lucerne and Bonneville each use a variant of the Northstar block. Regardless of the L37 or LD8 series, the power levels are the same and there are few changes in the blocks. While there are some modifications that can be added after an installation is completed, most people prefer to leave the OEM design alone when swapping builds.

Problems for the 4.6L V8

GM has released more than one service bulletin to alert owners of the Northstar series that problems could be present on the block. Before someone buys a preowned edition, knowing what might go wrong or what has already been fixed can be a huge help. The front gaskets, rear seals, connecting line for coolant, valve cover gaskets, main bolts, right or left head gasket, exhaust gaskets, pan gaskets and manifold seals can be swapped for better versions.

All PowertrainGuys.com inventory is certified and inspected before entered into the consumer accessible warehouse. The GM factory installation on parts has been verified and no known issues are present with the inventory posted for sale here.

Buy Used L37 V8 Motor Blocks Online

Finding the best discounts, warranty of parts and free shipping for used automobile engines should not be too difficult. Probably the most respected package for inventory is provided right here. A price lookup is simple if the model year is known for each vehicle that needs a motor replaced. Nothing is rebuilt unless stated and everything is in top quality condition. A fast call to the service department is available as an option for people who shop this portal on the Internet.